Marco Sampietro

Leadership, Organization and Human Resources


Latest publications

SAMPIETRO M., PIROZZI M. The Centrality of People in Modern Project Management: Issues, Competences, and Feelings from PM Community PM World Journal, 2020, vol.IX, no. 2
SAMPIETRO M. Executive Learning and Development in Handbook of Vocational Education and Training Developments in the Changing World of Work McGrath S., Mulder M., Papier J., Suart R.(Ed), Springer, pp.711-728, 2019
SAMPIETRO M. Project Management. Un approccio integrato a metodologie e comportamenti Egea, Milano, Italy, 2018
SAMPIETRO M., Villa T. Empowering project team: using project followership to improve performance CRC Press – Taylor & Francis Group, United States of America, 2014
Archibald R., Archibald S., SAMPIETRO M. (Eds.) Governare e gestire l'innovazione: cosa i manager devono sapere di project, program e portfolio management Franco Angeli, Italy, 2014
DIAFERIA L., SAMPIETRO M. La spinta agile al cambiamento per puntare al mercato 2019, Via Sarfatti 25, Milano, Italy

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