Become a partner or a sponsor of a SDA Bocconi Academy.

SDA Bocconi offers companies and institutions the chance to contribute to the development of a management culture within a specific industry sector. Thanks to the Academies, organizations can partner with the School for specific projects, courses and content.

SDA Bocconi’s Academies offer a unique way of learning and can focus on specific subjects in depth.

With SDA Bocconi’s Academies, partner organizations are not just commissioning bodies, sponsors or customers, they also drive activities. It is an engaging and multi-faceted role.

An organization that chooses to collaborate with one of SDA Bocconi’s Academies can strengthen its knowledge by disseminating it, while contributing to the development of its own industry sector.

The Academies currently running are the following:

Select the areas of competence of interest and contact relevant departments.