SDA Bocconi takes the editorial lead of the prestigious “International Journal of Arts Management”

The first international review coordinated by the School


A new season has just started for the most important international journal on arts and cultural management: the International Journal of Arts Management (IJAM). Such new beginning will feature the editorial contribution of SDA Bocconi, that will be in charge of the reviewing process for papers, thanks to a partnership with the journal’s publisher HEC Montréal. Alex Turrini, Chair of SDA Bocconi MAMA International Academic Committee, has beenappointed as new co-editor in chief, will be in charge of the reviewing process and will work alongside the Founding Editor, François Colbert.

Founded in 1998 by the Canadian Business School’s Carmelle and Rémi Marcoux Chair in Arts Management and historically associated with the International Association on Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC), IJAM has always been an international landmark in the sector. Twenty years after its foundation, the goal – as stated by Turrini – is to relaunch the journal on the broader academic scene, reaffirming the scientific value of arts and creativity management with the support of SDA Bocconi. Another objective is to further strengthen its qualitative standing, by broadening the number of papers and rethinking all the reviewing system, which needs to become more strict, authoritative, timely, and broad. Turrini will be in charge of this important part of the editorial activity, while the journal publishing will remain with HEC Montréal.

The International Journal of Arts Management focuses on the managerial principles and practices that arts organizations adopt in different functional areas: from marketing to human resources, finance, operations, and administration. It disseminates research results, case studies, and best practices in the management of culture and the arts. It also constitutes a platform for analyzing and discussing theoretical models and related methodologies as well as their practical application.

“IJAM has become an important academic journal in the field of arts management research” Colbert stated. “Joining forces with SDA Bocconi’s highly-skilled team will allow IJAM to further its reach.”

“We need to work on two fronts” Turrini continued. “Firstly, we want to enhance the journal’s impact factor in the field of arts management, increasing the number of influential and internationally renowned authors and therefore the referee network as well. Furthermore, IJAM is the first ‘in house’ international publication for SDA Bocconi and its Arts and Culture Knowledge Center, which has an established research and teaching background in the cultural management field. Due to this, in the longer term I aim at developing the concept of arts management itself to include ‘creativity management’, that is, sectors where the creative component is strategic, such as design and fashion.”

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