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Students and Alumni are the best testimonial of how MAMA helps students achieve their goals. So let’s hear from them! Charlotte Senger worked as Junior Art Consultant in Milan, when she applied to MAMA – and now, thanks to the Master, she has a role at Christie’s International, one of the world’s most prestigious and trusted art businesses

How would you describe your previous job?
I was a Junior Art Consultant at Art Consulting in Milan. It was very diverse and challenging. The company takes on unique projects, whether it is with private clients, public or private institutions, artists, and governmental agencies.

And what has changed now?
I am now based in Geneva working for Christie’s.

How is your current new job?
Very different from what I have done so far: it is a logistic job and more administrative, which is a new experience for me, helping me to explore a new aspect of the art world.

Why did you choose MAMA? Why exactly in that moment of your career?
I was finishing a Bachelor of Science in International Management and I had various experiences in the art world. As well as Christie’s, I also worked at Anton Kern Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in New York, and as the personal assistant to a Private Art Dealer. So, I wanted a degree that would bridge my academic background and professional background.

What made you decide it was the right moment?
The end of my bachelor’s degree was approaching, and I thought that MAMA was the right path at that time, I already had some professional experience in the art world and for me a degree in Arts Management was what was missing.

How was MAMA experience?  How do you see yourself changed after the Master?
I believe that I now have a bigger picture of the art world and market. MAMA gave me tools to face challenges and to approach issues with a critical mind. The Covid pandemic showed us that we must rethink our approach and methodology constantly.

What are the skills and competencies learnt?
In my opinion, the most important skill that I learned from MAMA is that the arts are a puzzle and that people with different backgrounds are essential to find the right solutions. Diversity is key and must be embraced.

Can you describe MAMA in 3 words?
Eclectic, diverse and fast-paced.

If you could travel back in time, what would you say to the past you before taking MAMA?
Using better the connections and opportunities offered by MAMA from the start of the year.

SDA Bocconi School of Management 

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