Where athletes and artists become leaders.

Athletes’ and artists’ learning styles are different from those of students, managers or entrepreneurs. A suitable program consists of steadily-paced, bite-sized inputs with a multiplicity of initiatives.
The learning method is based on front-end interactions, 1-to-1 classes, individual assessments and discussions with top-class international professors and keynote speakers. It also includes networking events, as well as personal executive coaching program.
A dedicated learning facilitator and an academic director will be available for each participant throughout the executive education journey until the final graduation day. They will be thepoint of contact to answer any question or doubt the participant may have while attending each Module or course.

The Format Of The 1-to-1 Sessions

  • COURSES AND SESSIONS: each session lasts 120 minutes and is carried out by a professor (in Milan or remotely), in addition to other sessions carried out by a Learning Facilitator (junior faculty) to assist with learning. The sessions may also be dedicated to visits or meetings with testimonials.
  • LEARNING FACILITATOR: once the calendar for each course has been defined based on the needs of the participant, various activities will be identified which the participant will have to carry out proactively, guided by the Learning Facilitator from one session to the next, by studying and examining the teaching material in depth, through the use of exercises, presentations and videos.
  • LEARNING ASSESSMENTS: the assessments (for the 1-to-1 courses) may be written or oral and will be in line with the course as set out by the professor.

Executive Coaching And Career Development

Allowing the participant to:

  • Strategically plan own career development
  • Achieve correct awareness of the value of skills and professional experience gained
  • Navigate the visible and hidden employment market
  • Identify opportunities compatible with own profile and aspirations
  • Enhance and promote own professional image
  • Improve personal employability by investing in the skills that count
  • Make use of consolidated tools for measuring personality profiles, with Hogan Assessment tools

Final Thesis

  • To complete the program (Module 4), a thesis must be prepared and discussed before the appropriate panel.
  • The thesis is a significant part of the education pathway and is the result of work developed in an original way by the participant, under the guidance of a supervising professor, on a topic related to the subjects which characterize the program.
  • In the thesis, the participant must demonstrate mastery of the methodological basis of the relevant disciplinary areas and must closely examine a specific topic. The thesis will contain descriptive/applicative work which may be developed in various forms (for example: describing/analyzing a phenomenon by gathering, processing, analyzing and organizing quantitative and/or qualitative data in a structured form; business plan; case study; etc.).