Managing and communicating financial data

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Calendario: nov 8, 2022 - nov 22, 2022 (4,5 Giorni)
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The program is designed to provide a strong foundation in finance to senior-level executives who aim at being able to show the financial return and the impact of strategic initiatives on company value, also by analyzing risks and all the potential upsides and downsides of their decisions. Participants will thus promote a real and effective business partnership between Finance and other corporate functions in order to propel the growth of their company, subsidiary or business unit helping them to move forward in their careers.

Who is it for

The program is designed for CEOs, General Managers, Heads of Function in multinational companies or groups as well as General Managers of local subsidiaries, with at least 10-year professional experience at the least.

Structure & Topics Covered


The program lasts 4,5 days (34,5 equivalent hours) and rests on 3 key pillars:


1) Linking financial performance to strategic decisions

  • Using a set of key measures and key financial indicators to analyze and communicate financial performance
  • Competitive financial statements analysis: building a tool for monitoring the performance gap between the company and its main competitors

2) Planning and executing a sustainable growth strategy

  • Building a sustainable strategic plan
  • The role of management control systems in multinational companies

3) Funding the company’s growth strategy

  • Managing the relationship with financial markets: funding alternatives for your strategy
  • How to define the value of a company/business


You will also have the opportunity to apply the methodologies introduced in the course in analyzing the financial performance of your own company together with a faculty member.
Two follow-up webinars (of 2 hours each) top off complete the program.


Download the brochure to find out more about the expected learning outcomes, the learning model and the Faculty of the course.

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Why join us?

Cosa trovi nel programma

Benefits for the participant


  • Increasing your understanding of how to analyze and communicate financial results
  • Improving your ability to plan financially sustainable strategic initiatives
  • Developing your ability to interact with financial institutions


Benefits for you company/firm


  • Developing a common language to plan and analyze financial performance at your company
  • Fostering effective cooperation between Finance and other functions
  • Improving the ability of the management team to evaluate the financial implications of different courses of actions


Join the Bocconi Alumni Community


You will be put in contact with people who have received a degree from the Bocconi University and the Business School. You will have access to an international network of more than 120,000 members from 110 countries and you will be able to participate in the main activities organized by the Community.




Program Agenda



8 nov 2022


9-11 nov 2022


10 nov 2022

(afternoon company visit)

Online Live

15- 22 nov 2022


  • ONCAMPUS Module

  • ONLINE Module





Useful Information


To make your learning experience even more impactful, the Management Development Program offers a set of additional services for your personal and professional development to see you through every phase of your learning journey.


Before You Enroll


  • Training Consultancy To help you understand if the content of the Program matches your expectations, and to help you choose the best course considering your profile and objectives, you can contact a training consultant for an interview. Please write to Olesea Ciumas:


At the End of the Program


  • Certificate of participation Participants who have attended at least 80% of the lessons will receive a certificate of participation in both digital and paper formats.
  • SDA Bocconi Certification It is possible, on a voluntary basis, to certify the learning levels that you have acquired during the course. This certification is an instrument for you to map your skills and start a personal development plan to strengthen and differentiate your professional profile.
  • Digital Badge Starting this year, the School has introduced a digital badge that you can add to your LinkedIn profile. Digital badges are verifiable and uniquely associated with each individual user. They are the easiest and most effective way to share what you have achieved with everybody in your network.




Certificate of Attendance


At the end of the program a participation certificate will be issued to the participants (minimun required attendance: 80% of training hours).





€ 5.000 (+VAT)
Including welcome dinner, teaching materials, coffee breaks, business lunches during the program and extra activities (excluding accommodation).
A 10% reduction on the program fee is offered to applications sent in by 9 September 2022.
The final deadline for enrollment is 19 October 2022. Enrollment requests are reviewed on a rolling basis, those received after the final deadline may not be accepted. At the end of the Program a participation certificate will be issued to the participants (minimum required attendance frequency: 80% of training hours)




Special Payment Terms


Women Are Good For Business and We Need More

To foster women’s education in management and contribute to their professional development, SDA Bocconi School of Management offers them, until 8 March 2023, all female applicants a 20% reduction on the participation fee for all Executive Open Programs, including Online On Demand. This reduction discount is valid until 8 March 2023 and cannot be combined with other promotional offers.


Bocconi Alumni Community

Bocconi Alumni are entitled to a 10% reduction on participation fees. To take advantage of the discount, please enter your Alumnus status when registering by indicating “ALUMNI10” in the notes section. Please remember that without this indication, the discount will not be applicable.

“Effective decision-making has never been more difficult, as innovations threaten the sources of your competitive advantage daily. Finance is a key driver of effective decisions since it provides relevant information and analysis to plan, communicate and implement sustainable strategic initiatives.


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