Mariano Massimiliano Croce

Banking and Insurance


Pubblicazioni recenti

CROCE M. M., Nguyen Thien T., Raymond S. Persistent government debt and aggregate risk distribution Journal Of Financial Economics, 2021
CROCE M. M., Farroni Paolo, Wolfskeil Isabella When the Markets Get COVID: Contagion, Viruses, and Information Diffusion SSRN Electronic Journal, 2020
CROCE M. M., Nguyen Thien T., Raymond S., Schmid L. Government debt and the returns to innovation Journal Of Financial Economics, 2019, vol.132, no. 3, pp.205-225
Colacito R., CROCE M. M., Liu Zhao Recursive allocations and wealth distribution with multiple goods: Existence, survivorship, and dynamics Quantitative Economics, 2019, vol.10, no. 1, pp.311-351
COLACITO RIC, CROCE M. M., GAVAZZONI FEDERICO, READY ROBERT Currency Risk Factors in a Recursive Multicountry Economy The Journal of Finance, 2018, vol.73, no. 6, pp.2719-2756
Colacito Ric, CROCE M. M., Ho Steven, Howard Philip BKK the EZ Way: International Long-Run Growth News and Capital Flows American Economic Review, 2018, vol.108, no. 11, pp.3416-3449

Grants & Premi

Research Excellence Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2020
PhD Teaching Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2019

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