Cédric Gutierrez

Leadership, Human Resources and Digital Technologies


Pubblicazioni recenti

GUTIERREZ C., Sloof R., Crilly D. Time Is Not Money! Temporal Preferences for Time Investments and Entry into Entrepreneurship Organization Science, 2023
GUTIERREZ C., Obloj T., Frank D. H. Better to have led and lost than never to have led at all? Lost leadership and effort provision in dynamic tournaments Strategic Management Journal, 2021, vol.42, no. 4, pp.774-801
GUTIERREZ C., Åstebro T., Obloj T. The Impact of Overconfidence and Ambiguity Attitude on Market Entry Organization Science, 2020, vol.31, no. 2, pp.308-329
DI STEFANO G., GUTIERREZ C. Under a magnifying glass: On the use of experiments in strategy research Strategic Organization, 2019, vol.17, no. 4, pp.497-507
Abdellaoui M., GUTIERREZ C., Kemel E. Temporal discounting of gains and losses of time: An experimental investigation Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2018, vol.57, no. 1, pp.1-28
SEZER A., GUTIERREZ C. Playing for Keeps: CEO Incentive Horizon and Executive Departure 83rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, 4-8 August, 2023, Boston, Stati Uniti d'America

Grants & Premi

Best Reviewer Award, Strategic Management Journal , 2022
Bocconi Department of Management and Technology Research Grant , 2021
Bocconi Junior Researchers’ Grant , 2020
iCrios Research Grant , 2019
Bocconi Junior Researchers’ Grant , 2018