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Leadership, Organization and Human Resources


Pubblicazioni recenti

De Stefano F., Bidwell M., CAMUFFO A. Do managers capture the value they create? drivers of managers’ value capture in a large retail chain Strategic Management Journal, 2022
SECCHI R., CAMUFFO A. Mitigating the risk of failure in lean banking implementation: the role of knowledge codification Production Planning & Control, 2021, vol.32, no. 12, pp.1036-1048
CAMUFFO A., Cordova A., GAMBARDELLA A., Spina C. A Scientific Approach to Entrepreneurial Decision Making: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial Management Science, Febbraio, 2020, vol.66, no. 2, pp.564-586
SECCHI R., CAMUFFO A. Lean implementation failures: The role of organizational ambidexterity International Journal of Production Economics, 2019, vol.210, pp.145-154
De Stefano F., bonet R., CAMUFFO A. Does losing temporary workers matter? The effects of planned turnover on replacements and unit performance. Academy of Management Journal, 2019, vol.62, no. 4, pp.979-1002
CAMUFFO A., DE STEFANO F. Getting access to strategic human capital resources: a multiple strategic factor market approach in Handbook of Research on Strategic Human Capital Resources Anthony Nyberg, Thomas Moliterno (a cura di), Edward Elgar Publishing, chap. 17, pp.281-306, 2019

Grants & Premi

Finalist - SMS Research Methods Conference Paper Prize – A. Camuffo, A. Gambardella, C. Spina - Strategic Management Society , 2019
AoM Annual Meeting – OMT Division. Finalist: Best Symposium Award - F. De Stefano, M. Bidwell, A. Camuffo, C. Chadwick, The Value of Managers: The Role of Managerial Human Capital in Value Creation and Value Capture - Academy of Management , 2017
Distinguished track paper: Quality Management and Lean Operations track, (con F. Gerli), Decision Science Institute Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA , 2012
Chris Voss Best Honourable Mention Paper Award (con A. Furlan, P.Romano, A. Vinelli) alla EUROMA 11th International Conference, INSEAD, Fontainebleau, Francia , 2004
Best Paper Award (con F. Gerli) alla British Academy of Management Annual Conference, Middlesex University, London, UK , 2002

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