The MPA Participant, a New Figure of “Public Servant”

The MPA program is primarily designed for international, post-graduate students and young professionals coming from all over the world, fluent in English and between 25 and 35 years old. The Master’s program is also suitable for professionals who want to transition to management positions. Strengthening managerial and analytical skills, the MPA calls upon those who want to apply their knowledge in public administration to real world situations.

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Students and Alumni are the best testimonials of how MPA helps leverage participants' attitudes and knowledge. Thanks to their experience and professional positions, they complement the guidance and information given by the Director and the Recruiting Team.

In my experience, SDA Bocconi was the best platform to develop and improve my skills, giving me the right exposure to accomplished and international profiles - referring not only to professors but also to my colleagues. The international environment, along with the dynamism of the program's structure, not only motivates students to be competitive but also provided us with unique experiences that can only be learned in a full time, intense, and challenging program such as this. It gave me the skill set necessary to succeed while working in international teams, and a strong network of contacts that I call on daily to help continue growing the company I started with one of my MPA colleagues.

Ana Lucia Canales Herrerias - Mexican
MPA 2017
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CAPOLAVORO SRL) - Milan, Italy

My MPA at SDA has been a unique experience so far, characterized both by what I have learned from teachers and colleagues and by personal relationships. This experience will definitely help me out to succeed in my next career steps. What I appreciate most about the MPA learning model is the hands-on learning experience that allows student to go into real and practical cases, and the possibility to combine what taken away from classes with a bit of creativity. I would recommend the MPA at SDA Bocconi to anyone who wants to build their career in the public sector for many reasons: its learning method, the fast paced assignments that make you ready for challenging jobs and the professional network you will be consolidating

Alberto Ferrari - Italian
MPA 2018

MPA produces managerial culture for international public organizations even outside the classroom. Over the years there have been several activities and study trips that have helped involve and create commitment among the participants.

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Life in Milano

Studying and living in Milan means the best mix of culture, leisure, people, and places. Milan will be your campus – a city in the heart of European and Italian business, finance and industry, with a great potential for contacts and careers. The city of fashion and design, a symbol of the Italian style.

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The new Campus

SDA Bocconi’s campus buildings are in the center of Milano. In addition to being the business and financial capital of Italy, Milano is also ideally located in the heart of Europe.

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