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Career Advising is a dynamic way to support your professional success as an MPA candidate. By providing you with counseling and dedicated services to achieve your post-Master career pursuit, Career Advising operates as a link between you and the recruiting needs of the international job market for public administrations and public service organizations.

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MPA Stories

I chose to study at SDA Bocconi specifically in order to get a different perspectives and widen my horizons as I born and raised in North Asia, living in South-East Asia and closely working in Central Asia. So true enough, it was one of my most amazing experiences I have had as I participated in classes from both academics and practitioners. Furthermore, we had an opportunity to visit international organizations, which gave me a great tool later to work as an intern at the International Training Center of International Labor Organization (ITCILO).


Senior Executive, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS

Jansulu Abdikyerim - Mongolian
MPA 2017

In my experience, SDA Bocconi was the best platform to develop and improve my skills, giving me the right exposure to accomplished and international profiles - referring not only to professors but also to my colleagues. It gave me the skill set necessary to succeed while working in international teams, and a strong network of contacts that I call on daily to help continue growing the company I started with one of my MPA colleagues."


Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CAPOLAVORO SRL) - Milan

Ana Lucia Canales Herrerias - Mexican
MPA 2017
What Can Public and Private Institutions Expect from the MPA?

SDA Bocconi supports the professional development of its alumni from across the world and from a variety of backgrounds. Students who complete the MPA will have received a first-rate preparation at all levels of government services (e.g. ministries, regional and local agencies) and will have gained knowledge and practical skills useful to work in the core activities of public administrations.

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MPA Placement Day
MPA Placement Day
The MPA Placement Day represents an exclusive occasion during which MPA participants have to opportunity to meet HR representatives from major national and international organizations serving public interest (Public Administrations, International Organizations, NGOs, Foundations, Consulting firms, etc.).

This unique event is organized every year and allows participants to meet a selected group of professionals and learn more about placement opportunities, recruiting processes and organizational culture. These events are informal networking sessions that allow MPA students to present their CVs in person, get useful information how to prepare their applications and organize one-to-one meetings.

This event is followed by sessions organized by SDA Bocconi covering topics related to the most effective tools when looking for internship or employment positions as well as meetings with our Career Service to facilitate professionals in preparing an effective CV and motivation letter.

2018 MPA Placement Day

In February 2018, MPA participants had the opportunity to meet representatives coming from the following organizations:

  • E&Y, Milan
  • European Telecommunication Network Operators’ Association (ETNO), Brussels
  • Impactpool, Stockholm
  • Lundquist Consultancy, Milan
  • Oltre Venture, Milan
  • Population and Sustainability Network, London
  • REFE, Milan
  • UN Information Services (UNIS), Geneva
  • UNICEF Jordan, Amman
  • World Food Program (WFP), Rome

Every year, invited organizations are identified during the first one-to-one meeting with the MPA Director and Career Service and based on participants' specific interest.


2017 MPA Placement Day

In February 2017, the MPA Placement Day welcomed the following organizations:

  • EMPATIA Project, Coimbra
  • Lattanzio Group, Milan
  • LifeSciences Consultants, Milan
  • Lundquist Consultancy, Milan
  • Nesta, London
  • Oltre Venture, Milan
  • Refe, Milan
  • Intalma BT, UN JobFinder
  • World Food Program (WFP), Rome
  • World Trade Organization (WTO), Geneva

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