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ABA Live and SDA Bocconi Webinar - The Great Performance Halls in the Future - Rebirth or Transformation?

During the webinar we discussed with some of the most influential leaders in the field of music and the arts about how they see the future unfolding for their historic institutions, and indeed for the preservation of the great history of performing arts. With the phrase “all bets are off” having never been more appropriate we will hear these leaders’ insights on what will and will not change “after the crisis.” Will we experience performing arts the same way? Will the great halls change? Will this chapter eventually become, just a chapter?

ABA Live and SDA Bocconi Webinar - The Great Performance Halls in the Future: Rebirth or Transformation?
ABA Live and SDA Bocconi Webinar - The Great Performance Halls in the Future: Rebirth or Transformation?

ABA Live and SDA Bocconi Webinar - Tourism and COVID 19: Lessons from Leading Museums

The Advisory Board for the Arts co-hosted this webinar with SDA Bocconi School of Management to discuss how leading museums across the globe have responded to the Coronavirus crisis, and how they plan to manage their organizations as they face decreased audiences due to decreased tourism and social distancing guidelines.

ABA Live and SDA Bocconi Webinar - Tourism and COVID 19: Lessons from Leading Museums
ABA Live and SDA Bocconi Webinar - Tourism and COVID 19: Lessons from Leading Museums
A Challenging Program to Build a Solid Career

MAMA wants to offer you solid foundations in management, including practical, creative, and professional skills, by creating a stimulating environment, focusing on an international market with a multidisciplinary approach, and enriching it all with unique experiences such as the Grand Tour in world-famous centers of Italian culture, or MAMA internships, a chance to work for one of MAMA's main partners or collaborating institutions.


.7th edition 2021-2022

Opening Week

MAMA begins with the welcome of the faculty, the team, and the alumni, and with a week in which you will get to know the school, the Master, and your class, giving you a first look at your career prospects.

Sept 2021

Core courses

Such courses are aimed at developing the managerial and business knowledge and skills to work as a manager in the world of arts and heritage. You will address a wide range of topics, from foundational business to marketing and media-related issues, from art industry-focused to key additional topics such as fundraising, law, entrepreneurship, and consulting.

Oct 2021

May 2022

Soft Skills and Context Seminars

As a cultural manager you need specific soft skills and knowledge in order to bring value and success to your organization. The aim of the MAMA seminars is to strengthen your leadership, communication, and art market skills in order to support your personal and professional growth.

Oct 2021

May 2022

MAMA Grand Tour in Italy

Immerse yourself in the world of art management by joining a unique 10-day Grand Tour Experience, aimed at offering a managerial perspective of Italian best practices in the arts sector. Hosted by some of the most relevant Italy-based cultural institutions - such as Vatican Museums, Pompei Archeological Site, Teatro San Carlo di Napoli, Museo Opera del Duomo di Firenze, etc. - the MAMA Grand Tour offers participants the opportunity to learn from managers in the field and internalize the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the year.

Jun 2022

Internship or your own start-up

Through internships, companies offer you the opportunity to develop an individual field project tackling real-life, complex problems by blending together knowledge and skills from different functional areas. Alternatively, you can take the opportunity to be arts entrepreneurs by implementing your own start-up under the supervision of one of our faculty members.

A written report (Final Work) on your Internship/Field Project/personal Start-up will provide evidence on how your project was executed, putting into practice the experience and knowledge gained through the Program.

Jun 2022

Dec 2022

Learning Model

MAMA is an intense full-time program. The learning model provides class sessions and case studies together with many active methods such as assignments, simulations, company visits etc. You will meet experienced SDA Bocconi Arts Management faculty, but also international visiting professors from leading business school from all over Europe and the USA, as well as professionals, artists, and executives in the field. Extra-curricular activites, such as Italian course for non-Italian speakers, or Excel course, are also offered to students.

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Arts & Culture Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center is an international hub that addresses arts management related topics and attracts experts from academia and professionals from this industry. It generates knowledge, skills and attitudes in the Arts & Culture sector and offers activities, programs, as well as professional and educational projects, targeting international participants with a passion for the arts and the willingness to make a difference in the sector. The final goal is that of empowering Arts & Culture leaders, helping them to increase their effectiveness and improve their decision making.

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Develop the 5 Basic Skills for Your Professional Growth

Designed by SDA Bocconi’s Career Services in collaboration with the Program Director and the school’s Center for Assessment & Development, the MAMA Career Curriculum is a learning path that helps you develop the 5 basic skills needed for your professional growth. It includes a variety of mandatory activities, at individual and class levels, scheduled during the academic year.

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