Learning Model

Each course will start with a face-to-face residential session, continue online and end with a final exam in the next face-to-face session.
The first two modules are devoted to Core Courses that ensure a solid, common base. Other modules are dedicated to Advanced Courses.


The Face-to-face Modules Feature

  • Participants interacting with accomplished executives outside the school, and taking advantage of opportunities to get to know and work with fellow participants from a multitude of backgrounds and nationalities.
  • Participants enhancing their understanding of luxury and brand management, through theory and practice.
  • Participants being in a position to offer profound contributions to their field, able to seize opportunities and develop superior strategies well ahead of their competitors.

Distance learning

Distance Learning is spread along 6 weeks betweeen modules and consists of specific topics (e.g. creativity and design thinking, sustainability, supply chain) as well as faculty advising on Entrepreneurial Projects.


EMILUX online class


 Markus Venzin - EMiLUX Faculty

"Creating resilient organizations in Luxury"

Very happy to be watching today’s ‘Creating Resilient Organizations in Luxury’ webcast #EMiLUX @sdabocconi