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The Executive Master in Business of Events is designed for Sports, Entertainment and Exhibitions Industries. It is a global experience taught over 16 months across 5 cities throughout Europe and the Middle East.

EMBE is a unique program that offers participants with profound exploration of the ecosystems that scaffold the events industry, combining the managerial and entrepreneurial dimensions.

The Advisory Council, global leaders with unique experiences in the field, and the Faculty will discuss theoretical models and empirical examples from leading companies and organizations to unfold and examine different dimensions of the complexity of the industry.

Modules Structure

2024 - 2026 

WARM-UP | Online

accounting, data-analysis

September 2024

MODULE 1 (Milan) | Designing Visionary Events and Long-Lasting Legacy

  • Concept Design and Creativity For Events
  • Event Planning and Coordination
  • Strategic Planning and Legacy

24 September 2024

28 September 2024

MODULE 2 (Paris) | Creating Value in Event Business

  • Event Strategic Marketing And Branding
  • Media And Commercial Strategies In The Events Industry
  • Tourism Management And Territorial Marketing

26 November 2024

30 November 2024

MODULE 3 (Riyadh) | Delivering a Sustainable Event Experience

  • Event Experience
  • Venue Management
  • Event Sustainability

2 February 2025

6 February 2025

MODULE 4 (Lausanne) | Managing Resources and Evaluating Performance

  • Event Budgeting and Controlling
  • Workforce Strategy and Volunteers Management
  • Event People Management

8 April 2025

12 April 2025

MODULE 5 (Roma) | Fostering Stakeholders Engagement and Communication

  • Communication and Social Media Strategies for Events
  • Digital Technologies for Venues and Fans
  • Data Analytics for Events

17 June 2025

21 June 2025

MODULE 6 (Milan) | Leading Innovation in The Event Industry

  • Innovation and New Trends In The Events Industry
  • Investments In The Events Industry
  • Infrastructure

4 November 2025

8 November 2025

Event Project Presentation and Final Graduation Ceremony

February 2026

Course schedule

Each city will introduce a new module with online days in between.

The Event Project will be carried out throughout the program duration.


The time commitment required for the Executive Master in Business of Events is part-time. The overall workload is in line with a professional commitment and associated work requirements. The Faculty will be flexible and supportive in order to facilitate workload conciliation with the requests of the Master. Materials related to each module will be available to participants well in advance so that they can arrange their workload over time. Adequate time will be given to complete the assignments referred to each module.

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