Excellence in Sales Management

Despite the boom in digital channels, the human element still represents a decisive factor within the context of the sales function. In the face of increasing complexity of companies and markets, selling is no longer simply an art, it’s a science that requires innovating, planning, organization, drive, management and investments in professionalism and competencies in order to excel. Added to the natural talent traditionally associated with success in sales positions is the need for a solid methodological foundation on which to build a strategic vision, more effective planning, more careful control and better management of the activities of the sales network. The aim of the sales management model proposed here is to organize - in a structured and logical, yet exhaustive and synthetic way - the key concepts and tools needed for the professional management of sales processes and the resources that support them. Myriad aspects of this second edition of Gestire le Vendite are revisited and enriched, and thanks to new cases and interviews with sales managers, the contents are more consonant with the evolution of markets and sales processes.


  • Publisher: EGEA
  • Series: Leading management
  • Date of Publication: August 2020
  • EAN: 9788823837751
  • ISBN: 9788823837751
  • Pages: 288
  • Format: e-Pub and paper (only on the EGEA website)