Dec 2023 16:00 - 18:30 | CET

Annual Event LIFT Lab | Opportunities for Healthy Aging: From Digital Technologies to new Health Service Models

Format Face to face
Language ENGLISH
Location Milano

Via Sarfatti, 10

Join us at the highly anticipated annual Lift Lab event, a pinnacle showcasing our groundbreaking research initiatives.
Led by Anna Gatti, our lab director, and inaugurated with inspiring remarks from Stefano Caselli, dean of SDA Bocconi, this event promises unparalleled insights.

Immerse yourself in the unveiling of cutting-edge findings by Patrizio Armeni, Associate Professor of Practice in Government, Health, and not for profit at SDA Bocconi, presenting an in-depth exploration titled "frontier digital technologies to promote healthy aging" gain invaluable perspectives on the digital landscape in healthy aging, from therapeutic advancements to the evolution of telemedicine.

Moreover, Amelia Compagni, the director of CERGAS, will share illuminating research on "bridging digital technologies and service models: evidence from the italian context,", discover firsthand insights into innovative models from telemedicine to self-monitoring, particularly with cases from our national healthcare system.

As a special highlight, delve into an engaging roundtable discussionon "real-world experiences with implementation of digital solutions," featuring diverse industry representatives and healthcare stakeholders. Moderated by Leonardo De Rossi, Junior Lecturer of information systems at lift lab, SDA Bocconi, this promises to be an enriching exchange of experiences and foresight.


This exclusive event offers a prime platform to explore groundbreaking health innovations, discover the future trajectory of the lift lab, and directly engage with our researchers. seize this unique opportunity to exchange ideas with existing and prospective partners, exploring avenues of remarkable innovative impact.


Participation is free upon online registration

Keynote Speakers

Patrizio Armeni
Associate Professor of Practice, LIFT and CERGAS
Stefano Caselli
Dean, SDA Bocconi
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Amelia Compagni
Associate Professor, Bocconi University, CERGAS Director
Leonardo de Rossi
LIFT Lab Researcher
Anna Gatti
Associate Professor of Practice and LIFT Lab Director

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