May 2023 17:30 - 19:15 | CEST

All roads lead to Rome: impacts and legacy of the 2023 Ryder Cup

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The Ryder Cup is a golf tournament held every two years between Team Europe and Team USA and can be considered the third most important sporting event in the world after the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. The two teams compete alternately in a location in Europe or the U.S.. Considering only the European editions, Rome 2023, hosted by Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, will be the third time that the golf's most prestigious competition will be played outside Great Britain.
More than 200,000 spectators attended the 2021 edition in America and 7 million were the visits to the Ryder Cup digital properties (website and app). More than 2,500 hours of live broadcasting are aired on average across more than 120 countries. There were more than 6,400 posts about the 2020 Ryder Cup on a global scale.
We will discover together the perspective of the rightsholder, organizing committee, sponsors, athletes, and the community as a whole and how the different parties can co-operate to create an event that leaves a multidimensional legacy for the host country.
The numbers of the Ryder Cup show us how major sporting events have increasingly broad and diverse impacts, becoming an integral part of the political agenda of countries and international organizations. As the events industry has grown, it has therefore become a common practice for organizers to measure impacts, also non-economic ones, to demonstrate how their events have produced positive effects with multiple stakeholders. Indeed, events are increasingly perceived as a tool for creating value, within territories, communities and companies. To realize this and leverage the growth potential of the business of events, it is key to invest in capacity building and to acquire a proactive mindset to seize all opportunities arising from the industry. The new SDA Bocconi Executive Master in the Business of Events (EMBE) promptly addresses this market need through a global experience delivered in 6 modules in 5 cities in Europe and Middle East. EMBE is a unique program that offers participants with the opportunity to embrace the new trends of the events industry and create value in a sustainable way within the ecosystems of Sports, Entertainment and Exhibition.
Join the event; join EMBE! It’s your time to leave a legacy


  • 17:30 Welcoming remarks and introduction
    Stefano Caselli, Dean of SDA Bocconi School of Management
    Dino Ruta, Sport and Entertainment Knowledge Center Director; Professor in Sports and Events Business - SDA Bocconi School of Management; Faculty Referral Bocconi Alumni Topic Sport
    Frank Leenders, Leader Bocconi Alumni Topic Sport; Director General at FIBA Marketing and Media Services SA
  • 17:45 Ryder Cup: the players’ perspective – part 1:
    Interview to Costantino Rocca, Italian Golf Legend
    Moderator: Frank Leenders
  • 18:00 Why major events in Bocconi
    Dino Ruta, SDA Bocconi Professor in Sports and Events Business, EMBE Academic Director
    Roya Derakhshan, SDA Bocconi Professor in Project Management, EMBE Program Director
  • 18:15 Ryder Cup Italy: different stakeholders’ perspective
    The opportunities which Italy will bring to the Ryder Cup – the perspective of the rightsholder James White, Ryder Cup Country Manager Italy
    The legacy of the Ryder Cup for Sports and Golf in Italy – the perspective of the organizer Gian Paolo Montali, Ryder Cup Golf 2023 General Director
    The legacy of Ryder Cup on Tourism and Sport in Italy – a macro-economic and long-term perspective Maria Elena Rossi, Marketing and Promotion Director ENIT
    The opportunities of Ryder Cup for the activation of a commercial brand – a unique commercial perspective Mirco Vassallo, Director Global Direct Sales Costa Crociere
  • 18:55 Ryder Cup 2023: the players’ perspective – part 2
    Interview to Costantino Rocca, Italian Golf Legend
    Moderator: Frank Leenders
  • 19:10 Final remarks
  • 19:15 Conclusion 




Dino Ruta
EMBE Academic Director
Roya Derakhshan
EMBE Program Director
Frank Leenders
Director General at FIBA Marketing and Media Services SA
James White
Ryder CupCountry Manager Italy
Gian Paolo Montali
Ryder CupGolf 2023 General Director
Costantino Rocca
Italian Golf Legend
Maria Elena Rossi
Marketing and Promotion Director ENIT
Mirco Vassallo
Director Global Direct Sales Costa Crociere

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