Roya Derakhshanalavijeh

Leadership, Organization and Human Resources


Latest publications

DERAKHSHANALAVIJEH R., FERNANDES G., MANCINI M. Emergence of Governance Structure in Collaborative University–Industry R&D Programs in Managing Collaborative R&D Projects. Leveraging Open Innovation Knowledge-Flows for Co-Creation Fernandes G., Dooley L., O'Sullivan D., Rolstadås A. (Eds),Springer, pp.209-221, 2021
DERAKHSHANALAVIJEH R., Mancini Mauro, Turner Rodney Formazione e variazione nel tempo della legittimità del main contractor per la comunità locale Il Project Manager, 2020, no. 44, pp.40-44
DERAKHSHANALAVIJEH R., DI MADDALONI F. A Moral Adaptive Approach for Complex Projects; Case Study of Rome Metro Line C IRNOP, International Research Network on Organizing by Project, June, 2020, Uppsala, Sweden
DERAKHSHANALAVIJEH R. Building Projects on the Local Communities’ Planet: Studying Organizations’ Care-Giving Approaches Journal Of Business Ethics, 2020, pp.1-20
DERAKHSHANALAVIJEH R., Fernandes Gabriela, Mancini Mauro Evolution of Governance in a Collaborative University–Industry Program Project Management Journal, 2020, vol.51, no. 5, pp.489-504
DERAKHSHANALAVIJEH R., TURNER J. R. Understanding Stakeholder Experience through the Stakeholder Journey EURAM, The European Academy of Management Conference, June, 2020, Dublin, Ireland

Grants & Honors

IPMA Young Researcher Award - International Project Management Association (IPMA) , 2020
IPMA-PMI- Best Student Paper Awards - International Project Management Association (IPMA) , 2018
Scholarship awarded in support of admission to double degree PhD designed by Erasmus Mundus Doctoral Program (EDIM), at Politecnico di Milano and Universidad Politecnica de Madrid - EU European Union , 2016