Exploring strategies: how to unlock the full potential of the digital-space convergence?

SEE Lab, Space Economy Evolution


The Space Economy Evolution Lab (SEE Lab) of SDA Bocconi organized a workshop titled “Space and Digital: How Innovative Digital Solutions will help Data Collection and Processing for Space Applications” in collaboration with its strategic partner, the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation. The objective of the workshop was to identify innovative connections between digital technology and space and to assist newly-established enterprises in addressing the challenges in the space sector.

In recent times, the space sector has witnessed a proliferation of initiatives aimed at providing open access to vast amounts of space-related data. Consequently, companies have begun adopting business models that leverage digital technologies, such as edge computing and artificial intelligence, to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this wealth of data. Given the complexity and dynamism of this environment, smaller companies are particularly at risk. For startups and innovative companies, where data and information are core to the business, finding new ways and digital technologies to enhance data processing capacity will be fundamental and beneficial for enterprises to better compete and perform.

The objective of the round table was based on understanding the challenges related to public funding and the possibility of attracting private investments, establishing international collaborations, and comprehending legislative limitations for future collaborations between Europe and Japan. Additionally, it aimed to understand how emerging projects of European and Japanese startups are developing sustainable business models and addressing market uncertainty. 

The round table was moderated by Clelia Iacomino, lecturer at SEE Lab, and involved the following experts from the public sector: Piero Messina, Head of Council & Subordinated Bodies Support at ESA; from the academic world: Professor Severino Meregalli, Scientific Director of DEVO Lab; insights were gathered from Capgemini, Ing. Giuseppe Razzano, and startups such as Tenchijin with Adrien Lemal, Head of Global Business Development: Europe, Americas; Jaops with Alejandro Sela, Co-founder; GreD with Eugenio Realini, CEO; and AIKO with Lorenzo Feruglio, Founder and CEO.

Finally, the workshop was concluded by Professor Simonetta Di Pippo, Director of SEE Lab, and Luca Escoffier, Project Manager at the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, sharing important insights on creating an ecosystem where public and private entities can work together to unlock the full potential of the digital-space convergence.


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