Space Economy Evolution Lab hosts first General Assembly

The Space Economy Evolution Lab at SDA Bocconi held its General Assembly to present the 2022 results and achievements to members and strategic partners.


The Space Economy Evolution (SEE) Lab’s first General Assembly was a special moment for presenting the latest research coming out of the lab to stakeholders, including researchers, members and international partners, fostering an education-minded network in the process. Attendees expressed excitement regarding their contribution to the lab’s initiatives and research efforts.

The opportunities presented by the evolution of the space economy are numerous, and the SEE Lab’s intention is to expand its partnerships to garner more strategic insights that can help leverage this potential.


Their ambition of course doesn’t stop there. The lab also plans to spark conversations about cutting-edge topics, such as the challenge of space debris through the evaluation of the adoption versus non-adoption of risk mitigation measures, the analysis of business models of commercial space stations, the evaluation of the space solar power venture and the analysis of lunar economy as an emerging area of interest.


Stefano Caselli, Dean of SDA Bocconi School of Management, spoke about the challenge of developing new business models in space: “The SEE Lab, thanks to the energy of Prof. Di Pippo and her researchers, seeks to make a decisive contribution to this challenge, which has a very long perspective, almost as infinite as space itself.”


With its sights set on the future, the SEE Lab seeks to become a point of reference for the space economy at a national, European and international level, to support the regulators and the financial community and pave the way for Milan as a world capital of the space economy.


SEEData will play a key role. The database aims to respond to the lack of detailed, univocal and homogenous data on the space sector and is the SEE Lab’s main core asset and the basis for all its activities.


All these objectives serve a greater purpose: to generate value for the SEE Lab’s members. It would also like to be valid support for start-ups and private investors through the creation of the Knowledge Space Investment Platform, a national platform dedicated to international private capital investors to support their access to the space industry.


"We are ambitious, and we will continue to pursue our objectives, which will always be more and more aspiring,” said Simonetta Di Pippo, SEE Lab director, who talked about the achievements of the Lab in 2022 in her foreword. “In fact, this is just the beginning; the best is yet to come.”


Although ambitious, current members, like Intesa Sanpaolo, Space Alliance, Airbus, Avio, Capgemini, Tyvak, Sitael, and D-Orbit, believe the lab has a strong mission. It can also always count on the prestige of SDA Bocconi School of Management, its visibility and well-established network of professionals.


SDA Bocconi School of Management

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