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The Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) Weekend is a 18-month general management program in Italian, designed for high-achieving executives who are looking to dedicate their free time in a productive and effective manner with a high-return investment.

The EMBAWE has two parallel editions: one in Milan and one in Rome that are the same program, same duration and same faculty. This is a new opportunity for participants to maximize their learning experience and networking opportunities, with a minimal impact on their continuing professional growth. An agile and sustainable schedule will allow students to put themselves to the test in a challenging environment and grow as managers.

Ideal candidate profile

  • University Degree (in any discipline)
  • At least 5-6 years of work exeperience
  • Strong motivation
  • Good leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency in English

  • "Flexibility and adaptabililty. Willingness to change and to adapt to changing circumstances and environments: these are the key attributes for professional and personal growth. With the Executive MBA Weekend, participants get  the flexibility as well as the skills, tools and vision they need to get where they want to go. They  learn to cope effectively with change to achieve their objectives.”
    Enzo Baglieri
    | Director, Executive MBA Weekend


18-month weekend program, in Italian, starting in May, with Online Tutorials from March.

4 stages over 20 months: Online Tutorials, Fundamentals of Management, Managing Complexity, Concentrations & Exchanges.

Executive Career Curriculum.

210 face to face sessions = 30 Weekend Class (6 joint classes with EMBA Modular) + 1 mandatory one week/full time module + 18 mandatory sessions (=3 Modules) Hybrid Learning + max 2 Concentration Modules (with EMBA Modular).

A real transition towards new roles.

The Executive MBA Weekend prepares to operate successfully within ever changing and increasingly complex business scenarios. The program provides participants with the right skills to manage the opportunities and challenges that come with such changes, as well as with growth and innovation.

From the very beginning, participants visibly improve their performance in the workplace. This could be by bringing in new ideas, best practices, approaches and frameworks, or by displaying a more confident approach to decision-making, communication and strategic thinking.

The number of companies in the SDA Bocconi network is large and diverse and new companies are welcomed into the network by supporting their employees for the  Executive MBA Weekend program. The benefits to the company become immediately apparent, as  participants bring in new stimuli and a drive for growth. In turn, through close contact with company managers, the School receives the necessary inputs to continuously update its educational offerings and fine-tune the Program to remain relevant to the needs of real companies.

Finally, sponsoring organizations have the opportunity to partner with the School on a number of activities that are part of the EMBAWE curriculum.

A strong network

Sharing knowledge and experiences with other professionals from different areas of business allows EMBAWE students to develop a strong network of contacts, exposes them to an extraordinary breadth of knowledge and provides a reliable sounding board for their ideas.

Attending the Executive MBA Weekend, and getting the EMBAWE degree means becoming part of the Bocconi Alumni Association that aims to spread the value of a shared experience and culture, strengthening ties among Alumni and maintaining a relationship between Alumni and SDA Bocconi, with the intention of increasing the School's prestige and influence in national and international economic, financial and corporate spheres.