Curriculum Vitae

Gabriele Troilo is Associate Professor of the Departement of Marketing at Bocconi University. Since January 2017, he is Associate Dean for the Open Market and New Business Division. 

Since 1990, he is a faculty member of SDA Bocconi in the Marketing Area. He created, directed and taught in several executive programs such as Basic marketing, Strategic marketing, New product development, Creative marketing, Marketing imagination, Marketing research and Management of marketing information systems. He has been teaching various courses in the Master programs of SDA Bocconi for many years now. He conducted numerous research projects, training programs and consulting projects for major multinationals operating in the food & beverage, mechanics and tool machineries, electrical supplies, publishing and clothing industries, on topics like strategic marketing, customer insight management, idea generation & new product development, design of marketing units and marketing processes.

His research focuses on many subjects related to the organization of marketing activities and processes, like: Marketing-Sales integration, Marketing knowledge management and market information management; Creativity and innovation management. His current research addresses the impact of big data on marketing capabilities and processes; the impact of market knowledge dimensions on a company’s market performance; marketing in creative industries.

He is the author of several books and articles published by national and international publishers and journals. Among his latest books: Marketing in Creative Industries (Palgrave, 2015). Among the academic journals that published his papers are: Journal of Product Innovation Management, Industrial Marketing Management, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Business Research, and Economia & Management He was Visiting Professor at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain) and at ESCP-EAP Paris (France), and Visiting Scholar at Cardiff Business School (UK) and Georgia Institute of Technology at Atlanta (USA). He has also been Vice President of EMAC (European Marketing Academy, the largest European association of marketing scholars), where now he is member of the Fellows. He has been awarded several times for his excellence in teaching and research at Università Bocconi.

Gabriele earned a degree in Business Administration and a Ph.D. in Business administration at Università Bocconi, and an ITP (International Teachers Program) at London Business School. He loves travelling a lot, tasting good food and beverage, listening to old and new good music, and spending good time with friends. In 2010, after years of international volunteering, he founded a nonprofit organization supporting projects for children from disadvantaged families in South America, to which he devotes most of his spare time.



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