Silvia Bagdadli

Leadership, Organization and Human Resources


Latest publications

Andresen M., Apospori E., Gunz H., Suzanne P. A., Lysova E. I., Taniguchi M., Adeleye I., Babalola O., BAGDADLI S., Bakuwa R., Bogicevic Milikic B., Bosak J., Briscoe J. P., Cha J., Chudzikowski K., Cotton R., Dello Russo S., Dickmann M., Dries N., Dysvik A., Eggenhofer-Rehart P., Fei Z., Ferencikova S., Gianecchini M., Gubler M., Hackett D., Hall D. T., Jepsen D., Çakmak-Otluoglu K. &., Kaše R., Khapova S., Kim N., Lazarova M., Lehmann P., MADERO S., Mandel D., Mayrhofer W., Mishra S. K., Naito C., Nikodijevic A. D., Parry E., Reichel A., Rozo Posada P. L., Saher N., Saxena R., Schleicher N., Shen Y., Schramm F., Smale A., Unite J., Verbruggen M., ZIKIC J. Careers in context: An international study of career goals as mesostructure between societies' career-related human potential and proactive career behaviour Human Resource Management Journal, 2020, vol.30, no. 3, pp.365-391
Dello Russo S., Parry E., Bosak J., Andresen M., Apospori E., BAGDADLI S., Chudzikowski K., Dickmann M., Ferencikova S., Gianecchini M., Hall D. T., Kaše R., Lazarova M., Reichel A. Still feeling employable with growing age? Exploring the moderating effects of developmental HR practices and country-level unemployment rates in the age – employability relationship International Journal Of Human Resource Management, 2020, vol.31, no. 9, pp.1180-1206
BAGDADLI S., Gianecchini M. Organizational career management practices and objective career success: A systematic review and framework Human Resource Management Review, 2019, vol.29, no. 3, pp.353-370
BAGDADLI S., GIANECCHINI M. Fare carriera in Italia: vecchi percorsi, nuove tensioni Economia & Management, 2019, vol.3, pp.47-52
Smale A., BAGDADLI S., Cotton R., Dello Russo S., Dickmann M., Dysvik A., Gianecchini M., Kaše R., Lazarova M., Reichel A., Rozo P., Verbruggen M. Proactive career behaviors and subjective career success: The moderating role of national culture Journal Of Organizational Behavior, 2019, vol.40, no. 1, pp.105-122
BAGDADLI S., GIANECCHINI M. From global work experiences to global careers in The Routledge Companion to Career Studies Hugh Gunz, Mila Lazarova, Wolfgang Mayrhofer (Eds),Routledge, pp.310-327, 2019

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