Silvia Bagdadli

Leadership, Human Resources and Digital Technologies


Latest publications

BAGDADLI S., Gianecchini M. Italy: Human Resource Management in Italian Family-Owned SMEs: Sustaining the Competitive Advantage through B Corp Transformation in The Global Human Resource Management Casebook Liza Castro Christiansen, Michal Biron, Pawan Budhwar, Brian Harney (Eds),Routledge, pp.169-176, 2023
BAGDADLI S., Gianecchini M. Leonardo da Vinci's spirit: a career story of an Italian creative entrepreneur in Understanding Careers Around the Globe Jon Briscoe, Michael Dickmann, Douglas Hall, Wolfgang Mayrhofer, Emma Parry (Eds),Edward Elgar Publishing, pp.25-35, 2023
Reichel A., Lazarova M., Apospori E., Afiouni F., Andresen M., Bosak J., Parry E., BAGDADLI S., Briscoe J. P., Gianecchini M., Suzanne P., Taniguchi M. The disabling effects of enabling social policies on organisations’ human capital development practices for women Human Resource Management Journal, 2023, vol.33, no. 1, pp.129-147
Briscoe J. P., Kaše R., Dries N., Dysvik A., Unite J. A., Adeleye I., Andresen M., Apospori E., Babalola O., BAGDADLI S., Çakmak-Otluoglu K. Ö., Casado T., Cerdin J., Cha J., Chudzikowski K., Dello Russo S., Eggenhofer-Rehart P., Fei Z., Gianecchini M., Gubler M., Hall D. T., Imose R., Ismail I. R., Khapova S., Kim N., Lehmann P., Lysova E., Madero S., Mandel D., Mayrhofer W., Milikic B. B., Mishra S., Naito C., Nikodijevic A. D., Reichel A., Saher N., Saxena R., Schleicher N., Schramm F., Shen Y., Smale A., Supangco V., Suzanne P., Taniguchi M., Verbruggen M., Zikic J. Here, there, & everywhere: Development and validation of a cross-culturally representative measure of subjective career success Journal of Vocational Behavior, 2021, vol.130, pp.103612
BAGDADLI S., Gianecchini M., Andresen M., Cotton R., Kaše R., Lazarova M., Smale A., Bosak J., Briscoe J. P., Chudzikowski K., Dello Russo S., Reichel A. Human capital development practices and career success: The moderating role of country development and income inequality Journal of Organizational Behavior, 2021, vol.42, no. 4, pp.429-447
Andresen M., Apospori E., Gunz H., Suzanne P. A., Lysova E. I., Taniguchi M., Adeleye I., Babalola O., BAGDADLI S., Bakuwa R., Bogicevic Milikic B., Bosak J., Briscoe J. P., Cha J., Chudzikowski K., Cotton R., Dello Russo S., Dickmann M., Dries N., Dysvik A., Eggenhofer-Rehart P., Fei Z., Ferencikova S., Gianecchini M., Gubler M., Hackett D., Hall D. T., Jepsen D., Çakmak-Otluoglu K. Ö., Kaše R., Khapova S., Kim N., Lazarova M., Lehmann P., MADERO S., Mandel D., Mayrhofer W., Mishra S. K., Naito C., Nikodijevic A. D., Parry E., Reichel A., Rozo Posada P. L., Saher N., Saxena R., Schleicher N., Shen Y., Schramm F., Smale A., Unite J., Verbruggen M., ZIKIC J. Careers in context: An international study of career goals as mesostructure between societies' career-related human potential and proactive career behaviour Human Resource Management Journal, 2020, vol.30, no. 3, pp.365-391

Grants & Honors

Teaching Award - Graduate School - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2022

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