Curriculum Vitae

Andrea Rurale is Lecturer of the Department of Marketing at Bocconi University.

At SDA Bocconi, he is Director of the Master in Arts Management and Administration (MAMA). He conducted research and training projects with important enterprises.

His research activities focus on cultural marketing, on consumer behaviour, on experiential marketing, on CRM and on marketing communication.

He is the author of books and articles on the subject. His works have been published in Psychology and Marketing. He was Visiting Professor in many international universities, such as Simon Fraser in Vancouver (Canada), Tinsgua University in Beijing (China), SMU in Dallas (USA), UTS in Sydney (Australia) and Universidad de Aguascalientes (Mexico). He is Regional President of FAI Lombardia (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) and President of the Monteverdi Conservatory in Cremona.

Andrea earned a Degree from Bocconi University and a PhD in Marketing from Universitat de València.



  • Miniero G., Rurale A., Addis M., “Effects of Arousal, Dominance, and Their Interaction on Pleasure in a Cultural Environment”, Psychology and Marketing, August 2014

Conference Papers

  • Rurale A., Visentini L., “Marketing tribes in music consumption: are fans looking for a linking value of community experiences?”, (Porto, 2015)
  • Carù A., Cova B., Rurale A., “Claque and Cabale in Contemporary Arts Performances: An Artist brand Phenomenon”, 13th AIMAC Conference, (Aix en Provence, 2015)
  • Cuadrado M., Filimon N., Kerrigan F., Rurale A. “Interpreting motives and barriers of cinema attendance. A behavioural and contextual approach” – (Cadiz, 2013)
  • Rurale A. “ Marketing the Religious heritage. When faith is no more the driver” – 4th Workshop en Economìa y Gestiòn de la Cultura (Bilbao, 2012)
  • Rurale A., Cerea E. “Haute cousine system and its cultural dimension: when chefs are the new artists.” – 3rd ESA Sociology of Culture Reasearch Network Mid-term Conference (Milan, 2010)
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  • Addis M., Carù A., Rurale A. “Consumer Immersion in Aesthetic Experiences at Arts Exhibitions: Implications for the Arts” 9th AIMAC Conference, (Valencia, 2007)


Director/Coordinator for

Master in Arts Management and Administration