Francesco Gallmann

Operations and Technology Management
Francesco Gallmann
Senior Lecturer
Operations & Supply Chain Management

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Latest publications

GALLMANN F., REINER G. Manufacturing versus office lead time reduction 22nd International Annual EurOMA Conference "Operations Management for Sustainable Competitiveness" - 26 June-1 July, 2015, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
GALLMANN F. Obstacles of order-to-deluivery lead time reduction 21st EurOMA Conference, 20-25 June, 2014, Palermo, Italy
GALLMANN F., BELVEDERE V. The alignment among competitive strategy, operations improvement priorities and manufacturing and logistics performance measurement systems: evidence from a case-based study in Models and Methods in Economics and Management Science El Ouardighi F., Kogan K. (Eds),Springer, pp.221-241, 2014
GALLMANN F. La rilevanza dello Strategic Fit nella complessa Supply Chain del Freddo 2013, Logistica Management, Italy
GALLMANN F. Order to delivery lead time management through manufacturing and non-manufacturing lead time reduction 20th International EurOMA Conference: Operations Management at the Heart of the Recovery - Euroma Doctoral Seminar - 7-11 June, 2013, Dublin, Ireland
GALLMANN F. From LEAN Management to Quick Response to serve 21st century markets 17th EIPM (European Institute of Purchasing Management) - "Purchasing at the Heart of Economic Transformation" - 12-14 December, 2012, Geneva, Switzerland

Grants & Honors

Excellence in Innovation Award - SDA Bocconi School of Management , 2019
Excellence in Innovation Award - SDA Bocconi School of Management , 2008