Elena Coffetti

Curriculum Vitae

Elena Coffetti is Associate Professor of Practice of Decision Sciences & Business Analytics at SDA Bocconi School of Management. She is Professor of Applied Mathematics at Bocconi University.
At SDA Bocconi, she was Decision Sciences & Business Analytics Faculty Deputy for 2017, Director of Competence Center of Quantitative Methods since 2008 and Deputy Director of Quantitative Methods (2002-2007). She is Faculty member Executive MBA, Faculty member EMBAWE, Faculty Member Executive Master in Finance (EMF), Faculty member MISA and director for the programs Financial Planning, Financial modelling e Data research, organization and quantitative analysis. She has designed and directed programs for executives in several industries. She has designed and directed Quantitative Methods courses for MBA, Executive MBA and Executive Master in Finance. She conducted numerous researches, training and consulting projects with the most relevant players of the utilities, telecommunications, construction and banking industry.
Her research activities focus mainly on financial modelling, business analytics, risk analysis and project management. She devoted part of her research to analyse system dynamics, to study scoring methodologies and to develop simulation techniques and models for business strategy, planning and financial valuation just to mention some of her fields of expertise.
She is the author of books and articles on the subject. Her works have been published in many newspapers that deal with issues related to Economics and Management. She was Program Coordinator for LIMI "Perestroika and the Soviet Economy: implications for doing business with Soviet Companies" and she has carried out research projectsfor the International Management Institute of St. Petersburg (Russia).
Elena earned cum laude an MSc in Economic and Social Sciences (DES) from Bocconi University with the rights of publication of the thesis: "Proposed methodology of a systemic approach to decisions: models for financial planning".

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