Alfredo Biffi

Leadership, Human Resources and Digital Technologies


Latest publications

CAMUSSONE P. F., BIFFI A. Information Technology and Work: Threats and Opportunities Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, 2018, no. 2, pp.125-144
BIFFI A., PAVIONE E. Pratiche di umanesimo manageriale per rivitalizzare l'organizzazione Sviluppo & Organizzazione, 2018, vol.282, pp.66-77
Bissola R., BIFFI A., Imperatori B. A rhizomatic learning process to create collective knowledge in entrepreneurship education: Open innovation and collaboration beyond boundaries Management Learning, 2017, vol.48, no. 2, pp.206-226
BIFFI A., Bissola R., Imperatori B. Chasing innovation: a pilot case study of a rhizomatic design thinking education program Education + Training, 2017, vol.59, no. 9, pp.957-977
BIFFI A. Lavoreremo ancora, se continueremo a imparare Economia & Management, 2017, no. 4, pp.40-44
BIFFI A., CAMUSSONE P. F. Lavoreremo ancora? Tecnologie informatiche e occupazione Egea, Milano, Italy, 2017

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