Donato Masciandaro

Government, Health and Not for Profit


Latest publications

Ferrara F. M., MASCIANDARO D., Moschella M., Romelli D. Political voice on monetary policy: Evidence from the parliamentary hearings of the European Central Bank European Journal of Political Economy, 2021, pp.102143
BORGONOVO E., CASELLI S., CILLO A., MASCIANDARO D., Rabitti G. Money, privacy, anonymity: What do experiments tell us? Journal of Financial Stability, October, 2021, vol.56, pp.100934, 1-10
Barone R., MASCIANDARO D., Schneider F. Corruption and money laundering: You scratch my back, i’ll scratch yours Metroeconomica, 2021, vol.73, no. 1, pp.318-342
Bianchi P. A., MARRA A., MASCIANDARO D., PECCHIARI N. Organized Crime and Firms' Financial Statements: Evidence from Criminal Investigations in Italy The Accounting Review, 2021, vol.97, no. 3, pp.77–106
Favaretto F., MASCIANDARO D. Populism, financial crises and banking policies: Economics and psychology Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 2021
MASCIANDARO D., TARSIA R. V. Society, politicians, climate change and Central Banks: an index of green activism Law and Economics Yearly Review, 2021, vol.10, no. 1, pp.34-81

Grants & Honors

Excellence in Research Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2022
Research Excellence Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2013
Falcone and Borsellino International Award (with Alessandro Pansa) - Research Institute for Comparative Law - Università degli Studi di Bologna , 2001
The Best Essay in Economics of theYear (with Vittorio Grilli and Guido Tabellini) - Accademia Nazionale Dei Lincei , 1992

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