Anna Omarini

Banking and Insurance


Latest publications

OMARINI A. Banche, FinTech e clienti in un contesto di digital transformation in Digital Banking e FinTech. L’intermediazione finanziaria tra cambiamenti tecnologici e sfide di mercato Vittorio Boscia, Cristiana Schena, Valeria Stefanelli(Ed), Bancaria Editrice, chap. 7, 2020
OMARINI A. FinTech: A New Hedge for a Financial Re-intermediation. Strategy and Risk Perspectives Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, 2020, vol.3, no. 63
OMARINI A. Fintechs: Unbundling to Rebundling in the Open Industry of Banking in The Routledge Handbook of FinTech K.Thomas Liaw(Ed), Routledge, chap. 12, 2020
OMARINI A. La digital banking transformation: dall’unbundling al re-bundling, verso nuovi modelli di intermediazione Bancaria, 2020, vol.1, pp.65-76
OMARINI A. (Ed.) Banks and Banking: Digital Transformation and the Hype of Fintech. Business impacts, new frameworks and managerial implication McGraw-Hill Education, Italy, 2019
OMARINI A. Banks and Fintechs: How to Develop a Digital Open Banking Approach for the Bank’s Future International Business Research, 2018, vol.11, no. 9, pp.23-36

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