Andrea Pontiggia

Curriculum Vitae

Andrea Pontiggia is Affiliate Professor of Leadership, Organization and Human Resources at SDA Bocconi School of Management. He is Full Professor of “Organization Theory and Design”, Department of Management, Ca' Foscari University (Venice). Co-Director of “International Management to Asia” Lab, Ca’ Foscari University (Venice).

His collaboration with SDA Bocconi began in 1985. He conducted several workshops and training and consulting projects in Europe, North and South America and Asia. He has been in faculty of MBA, EMBA, Executive MBA and MIEM. He has been deputy director of Organization and Human Resources Management Group in SDA Bocconi. He designs and manage several programs and courses for domestic and international companies and institutions. He conducted research, training and consulting projects with some of the most relevant economic European players in different industries.  He is member of China Lab of SDA Bocconi.

His research activities focus on global organization, on organizational methods and models and on design organization of structures and processes. Currently, he is working on five main topics: new internationalization strategies of MMNE in emerging markets and organizational assets and structures enabling the international exposure (with special focus on China and Far East Economies); the execution of the “mirroring back” strategies and contribution of international business to corporate learning and renewal in emerging markets. Open source and property rights (relationship between innovation strategy and property rights management). Organizational standardization (development and diffusion of standard from an institutional perspective) and organizational innovation, in particular new artefacts adoption and diffusion process.

He is the author of numerous books and articles on the subject. His works have been published in International Journal of Information Management, Computers in Human Behavior and Business Strategy and Information Technology, among others. He is referee and review editor for several different journals, among them Review Editor for Organizational Psychology of Frontiers in Psychology and Frontiers in Communication. He is member of the Scientific Board of Scientific Foundations and Business Schools. He is member of scientific committee of Symbola Foundation. He is member of European and Italian Scientific Associations. He has been member of the Board of Directors of Ca’ Foscari Foundation. He has been visiting scholar and Professor in many universities in Europe, China and US.He is one of the founders of ELIM Research Center, a joint venture between Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China) and Ca’ Foscari University (Venice). Invited speaker to Top Management Meeting on the International Competitive Scenarios and New Organization Forms. He attends some of the major international scientific conferences on Management and Organization as relators or chair of session or speaker.In the current year (2017) is visiting professor at Harvard University.

Andrea earned an MSc in Economics and Management (Major in Organization) from Bocconi University and a Ph.D. in Management from the same university. Semi pro-videogamer.