Andrea Fosfuri

Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Governance


Latest publications

Fink C., FOSFURI A., Helmers C., Myers A. F. Submarine trademarks Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2022
Abolfathi N., FOSFURI A., Santamaria S. Out of the trap: Conversion funnel business model, customer switching costs, and industry profitability Strategic Management Journal, 2022, vol.43, no. 9, pp.1872-1896
Morandi Stagni R., FOSFURI A., Santaló J. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush: Technology search strategies and competition due to import penetration Strategic Management Journal, 2021, vol.42, no. 8, pp.1516-1544
Arora A., FOSFURI A., Rønde T. Waiting for the Payday? The Market for Startups and the Timing of Entrepreneurial Exit Management Science, 2021, vol.67, no. 3, pp.1329-1992
Wehrheim D., Dalay H. D., FOSFURI A., Helmers C. How mixed ownership affects decision making in turbulent times: Evidence from the digital revolution in telecommunications Journal of Corporate Finance, 2020, vol.64, pp.101626
FOSFURI A., Giarratana M. S., Sebrek S. S. Resource partitioning and strategies in markets for technology Strategic Organization, 2020, vol.18, no. 2, pp.251-274

Grants & Honors

Excellence in Research Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2022
Research Excellence Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2020
Research Excellence Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2019
Horizon 2020 - EU European Union , 2017

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