Alfonso Gambardella

Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Governance


Latest publications

CAMUFFO A., Cordova A., GAMBARDELLA A., Spina C. A Scientific Approach to Entrepreneurial Decision Making: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial Management Science, February, 2020, vol.66, no. 2, pp.564-586
GAMBARDELLA A., Khashabi P., PANICO C. Managing Autonomy in Industrial Research and Development: A Project-Level Investigation Organization Science, 2020, vol.31, no. 1, pp.165-181
GAMBARDELLA A., von Hippel E. Open Sourcing as a Profit-Maximizing Strategy for Downstream Firms Strategy Science, 2019, vol.4, no. 1, pp.41-57
Conti R., GAMBARDELLA A., Novelli E. Specializing in Generality: Firm Strategies When Intermediate Markets Work Organization Science, 2019, vol.30, no. 1, pp.126-150
Conti R., GAMBARDELLA A., Novelli E. Specializing in general purpose technologies as a firm long-term strategy Industrial And Corporate Change, 2019, vol.28, no. 2, pp.351-364
CAMUFFO A., GAMBARDELLA A. Decidere per competere Egea, Milano, Italy, 2018

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