Alfonso Gambardella

Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Governance


Latest publications

CAMUFFO A., Cordova A., GAMBARDELLA A., Spina C. A Scientific Approach to Entrepreneurial Decision Making: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial Management Science, February, 2020, vol.66, no. 2, pp.564-586
GAMBARDELLA A., von Hippel E. Open Sourcing as a Profit-Maximizing Strategy for Downstream Firms Strategy Science, 2019, vol.4, no. 1, pp.41-57
Conti R., GAMBARDELLA A., Novelli E. Specializing in Generality: Firm Strategies When Intermediate Markets Work Organization Science, 2019, vol.30, no. 1, pp.126-150
Conti R., GAMBARDELLA A., Novelli E. Specializing in general purpose technologies as a firm long-term strategy Industrial And Corporate Change, 2019, vol.28, no. 2, pp.351-364
CAMUFFO A., GAMBARDELLA A. Decidere per competere Egea, Milano, Italy, 2018
GAMBARDELLA A., Harhoff D., Verspagen B. The Economic Value of Patent Portfolios Journal Of Economics And Management Strategy, 2017, vol.26, pp.735-756

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