Alfonso Gambardella

Strategy and Operations


Latest publications

Coali A., GAMBARDELLA A., Novelli E. Scientific decision-making, project selection and longer-term outcomes Research Policy, 2024, vol.53, no. 6, pp.105022
Birhanu A. G., GAMBARDELLA A. To commercialize inside or outside of the firm: Behavioral considerations in patent exploitation by family firms Strategic Management Journal, 2024, vol.45, no. 5, pp.875-901
CAMUFFO A., GAMBARDELLA A., Messinese D., Novelli E., Paolucci E., Spina C. A scientific approach to entrepreneurial decision‐making: Large‐scale replication and extension Strategic Management Journal, 2024, vol.45, no. 6, pp.1209-1237
Felin T., GAMBARDELLA A., Novelli E., Zenger T. A Scientific Method for Startups Journal of Management, 2024
GAMBARDELLA A. Private and social functions of patents: Innovation, markets, and new firms Research Policy, 2023, vol.52, no. 7, pp.104806
CAMUFFO A., GAMBARDELLA A., PIGNATARO A. Framing strategic decisions in the digital world Strategic Management Review, 2023, vol.4, no. 2, pp.127-160

Grants & Honors

Excellence in Research Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2024
Richard Nelson Award for the Best Paper by younger Scholars in Research Policy 2005-2008 - (A. Gambardella, P. Giuri, A. Luzzi, “The Market for Patents in Europe”) , 2009
Epton Prize for best 1993 article in R&D Management - (F. Della Valle, A. Gambardella, “Biological Revolution and Strategy for Innovation in Pharmaceutical Companies”) , 1994

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