‘Science and technology define the limits of what is possible. The realization of the ‘possible’ depends on the economic and political benefits to human beings here on Earth’.
Giovanni Bignami


Building up the Economy of the Future

Report SEE LAB

Annual Report 2023


Space Economy, Space Industry, Space Law



The Space Economy Evolution Lab is a SDA Bocconi indipendent research center which offers a multidisciplinary perspective within the space sector: economic, technological, and policy factors are all integrated in its academic works.

The SEE Lab is committed to training future leaders with an out-of-the-box thinking, by generating and disseminating a comprehensive knowledge on the key aspects of the space economy in the short, medium and long term, at global level. For accomplishing its goals, the SEE Lab delivers strategic insights to private and public institutions to gauge the opportunities presented by space sector.

History and Reason Why

The SEE Lab was founded in 2018 at SDA Bocconi by Professor Andrea Sommariva, under the shared vision of Professor Nanni Bignami. At the time, the SEE Lab was the first research center, at global level, dedicated to the analysis of the economy of space, a sector that is facing an historical transition.

In the past, space sector was prerogative of few states, and run only by government agencies. Today, space sector is not a close world anymore! But it is open to different countries including a large number of actors all over the world -agencies, private manufacturing companies, public institutions, entrepreneurs, investment funds, universities- all operating in the sector, developing different products and services.

The consequence is a vibrant environment, with plurality of visions and interests, but also rising of conflicts and competition. Therefore, it is necessary to build a structured and coordinated ecosystem.


The SEE Lab aims to provide space-oriented businesses, non-space industries, financial operators and public actors with an in-depth understanding and strategic insights to leverage the opportunities presented by the evolution of the space economy.