mobiUS Lab

The Lab for Smart, Sustainable, User-centric Mobility

mobiUS, SDA Bocconi School of Management’s Smart & Sustainable Mobility Lab focusing on mobility users, aims at producing and disseminating knowledge on new forms of smart and sustainable mobility in a global context.


The mobiUS Lab aims to guide businesses and institutions throughout their journey towards the new mobility ecosystem, by discovering and sharing with them new knowledge on smart and sustainable mobility forms for the users of tomorrow.


The mobiUS Lab’s main goal is to carry out applied research analyzing key developing trends in the mobility market in the global landscape. There will be four main strands to its work, focusing on the major changes taking place in people’s socio-economic behaviors and habits relating to the short, medium and long-distance movement of people and goods:

  • Globalization
  • Digitalization of devices and processes
  • New forms of locomotion and propulsion (more technologically advanced and sustainable)
  • The rise of new business models (above all, sharing or the rental of means of transport, according to the “mobility as a service” model)

The Recipients

The mobiUS Lab is targeted at policy makers and corporations, aiming to assist them in the assessment of the evolving mobility landscape, and to support their strategic positioning into new markets for mobility.