mobiUS Lab

The Lab for Smart, Sustainable, User-centric Mobility

Benefits and Mechanisms of Action

The mobiUS Lab’s goal is to generate, share and disseminate knowledge about mobility, leveraging the digital environment, and providing a range of benefits for participating governments and businesses:


  • The identification of business models that respond to the new mobility challenges of the future effectively and sustainably
  • A systematic and ongoing investigation of the mobility ecosystem and its developing trends, with a user-centric approach, that looks beyond specific projects and technical-technological aspects
  • The development of a long-term, design-oriented mentality, stimulated by the continuous involvement of and exposure to thought leaders, allowing them to actively shape the future

Working Methodology

mobiUS operates by integrating qualitative methods for exploratory and descriptive purposes, and quantitative methods for theory testing and predictive purposes. The lab develops an ongoing research activity focused on the end user of smart and sustainable mobility and a series of vertical studies, which are defined based on the guidelines issued by the Advisory Board for the annual research program.

Project Phases and Timing

Start up

mobiUS is active on the development of strategic partnerships. The lab opens the round table series and sustainable mobility. We open the long-term program that will monitor the end user of smart and sustainable mobility. We begin the first series of vertical studies on multi-modal mobility and sustainable powertrains.

Scale up

mobiUS extends the perimeter to the international landscape, continuing the research program launched during the start-up phase.