Specific Advantages of Becoming a Partner of Cel

Becoming a partner brings with it several key benefits:

  • Take advantage of regular exchanges with other companies and SDA Bocconi in order to respond to business problems regarding the sales process, performance drivers and sales competences
  • Be exposed to innovative ideas and improvement stimuli, offered by thinking leaders and successful organizations, that can help identifying best practices you can transfer to your own company
  • Offer skills development and training opportunities to your executives and clients
  • Increase opportunities and earn tools to motivate your managers and sale sforce
  • Improve your company’s attractiveness in the eyes of young talents and experienced manages, by becoming a best place to work in the sales field;
  • Develop an internal marketing strategy to increase talent retention and loyalty in your sales team
  • Support the development of most appropriate development paths for sales people

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  • Enhance the quality and return on investments of your training and development processes

How to Become a Partner of Cel


20.000 €/ year + VAT


10.000 €/ year + VAT

There is the possibility to choose between two different levels of involvement, which are associated to different financial contributions, benefits and service levels.


CEL’s partners contribute to its success through active participation, energy, passion, know-how and visibility in their own communication channels and networks.


Beyond the partnership, the development of ad hoc research projects on specific business topics is also possible. Any specific need is examined on a case-by-case base and joint projects are designed accordingly.

Partnerships With Cel: Offered Services

  • Participation in CEL’s Steering Committee
  • Access CEL’s annual research’s full report, as well as articles, videos and all the knowledge produced by CEL
  • Opportunity to customize the research report with respect to the own company, involved in the project
  • Participation of own executives and/or clients to «CEL Talks/Insights»
  • Participation of own executives and/or clients to CEL’s yearly webinar
  • Opportunity to give guest speeches on campus, to foster reputation, branding and talent scouting (in university courses, master courses, etc.)
  • Participation and featuring opportunities in SDA Bocconi’s editorial projects
  • Reductions on SDA Bocconi’s Open Program courses’ tuitions*
  • Visibility and exposure through CEL’s communications (inside and outside SDA Bocconi)

* If interested, please ask for additional information

The Main Partnership’s Value

In addition to the services offered to partners, main partners also have the opportunity to add one of the following options:

  • Influence strategic decisions of the Steering Committee (e.g.,. Research focus and  meetings with managers)

They can also add one of the following ad hoc services:

  • Managerial speech (1-2 hours) by a faculty member of SDA Bocconi on topics related to commercial excellence (marketing/sales)
  • Development of an ad hoc case study on your organization
  • A dedicated webinar (about 1 hour) for your own organization/ team, related to CEL’s core topics
  • Follow-up and detailed study of your own organization within CEL’s annual research project

Discover CEL’s partners

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Becoming a Partner

CEL works closely with its partners to achieve its ambituous goals of generating, sharing and disseminating knowledge. For those interested in taking part in the lab, there is the possibility to choose between two different levels of involvement, which are associated to different financial contributions, benefits and service levels. Contact us for more information