The Sustainability Lab is a multi-disciplinary think tank that, based on a knowledge base that has been developed over many years, monitors sustainability and value creation issues and engages in applied research thanks to the knowledge and experience of the professors and experts of SDA Bocconi.

Research Report 2023

Scarica il report di ricerca del Sustainability Lab


Research is based on the assessment of empirical evidence and models from the analysis of enterprises that are part of the domestic and international business fabric. The main results of the research projects are communicated though publications and conventions.

These form a solid base for learning and the spread of good sustainability practices for several reasons:

  • they involve businesses, academics and institutions
  • they are directed towards a national and international audience
  • their objective is to raise awareness among organizations and businesses on specific topics and practical issues

The Sustainability Lab’s activities are performed by professors, researchers and experts of SDA Bocconi. The main research areas are:

  • Corporate Sustainability & Natural Capital
  • Blue Economy & Innovation
  • Renewable Energy Management
  • SRI & ESG
  • Sustainable Governance & Non Financial Reporting
  • Social Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy

Within the Sustainability Lab, SDA Bocconi started the Impact Investing Lab. 

The methodological approach of the Sustainability Lab’s activities

The research conducted by the SDA Bocconi Sustainability Lab can be broken down into four phases:

  • 1 - market analysis - thanks to its network of consultants and businesses, the Sustainability Lab provides constant updates to market operators
  • 2 - research project development - the research project realized through the processing of data using scientific methods is the result of a collaboration between professors and experts
  • 3 - focus group - once data has been collected and processed, the research project takes shape, thanks to the contributions of the sector operators engaged in sustainability, companies and stakeholders.
  • 4 - communication of results - papers and publications are produced containing the Sustainability Lab’s research outputs which are presented at public conventions to convey the project results