ESG - Excellence in Sustainability & Governance Knowledge Platform

The Labs of the ESG - Excellence in Sustainability & Governance Knowledge Platform propose innovative and pragmatic solutions through research activities, analysis of current and emerging trends, and by fostering the creation and dissemination of knowledge and skills in sustainability and governance, thanks also to the monitors on specific themes or sectors.


Thanks to the study of integrated and cross-cutting sustainability within businesses, the Labs that make up the eSG platform aim to provide evidence and insights to businesses facing the challenges of sustainable transformation and its impact on ecosystems, as well as governance, strategies, products, processes, and business decisions. Topics such as corporate governance, sustainability of SMEs, developments in sectors such as food, fashion, furniture, finance, automotive, etc., are just a few of the subjects analyzed by this platform, its Labs, and its Monitors.

The platform produces scientific knowledge through quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, with the aim of supporting organizations in maintaining and renewing their market positioning by integrating social, environmental, energy, and governance challenges into their strategies and practices.

Additionally, the platform contributes to the creation of organizational capacities and leadership with the goal of promoting organizational change and technological innovation required by the United Nations' Agenda 2030 and the European Green New Deal. Last but not least, the platform, through its Labs and Monitors, participates in academic debates through publications, articles, reports, and peer-reviewed books.