Sustainability as a strategy to stimulate sustainable and lasting economic growth. The SDA Bocconi Sustainability Lab considers the needs of stakeholders and companies, and acts as a point of reference for innovative solutions aimed at market operators, institutions and civil society for creating long term sustainable values.

At a time when the globalization process and current social and environmental changes are forcing businesses to radically rethink their future, the Sustainability Lab offers pragmatic and concrete guidelines to investors and organizations.

Why Sustainability Lab?

Benefiting from in depth scientific research activities, the SDA Bocconi Sustainability Lab aims to develop and disseminate strategic information that allows companies to maintain and review the current and future market positioning of their business from a sustainability perspective.

The Sustainability Lab is based on three main activities:

  • supporting businesses in adapting to a changing environment (market, regulatory system, stakeholder expectations)
  • providing economic operators with relevant information with the goal of providing useful tools for guiding current and future strategies
  • identifying and recommending lasting and sustainable growth processes at a time when supporting the enterprise system means promoting the entire country system.