The SDA Bocconi Corporate Governance Lab meets the internal needs of the Business Community to spread best company management practices. The goal is to ensure that the participating companies have the tools to strengthen their corporate assets and to guarantee their company’s long term success.

The Corporate Governance Lab has caught the attention of many different stakeholders and investors. In fact, guaranteeing good corporate governance in today’s market means encouraging economic efficiency, increasing the growth of the business network and allowing for an increase in resources.

Despite the importance of this topic being recognized, applying best practices is often a struggle. There are two reasons for this:

  • incorrect contextual assessment of the investment risk
  • execution of improper choices when appointing the BoD, and falling back to family members when appointing the top management team.

In this context, the Corporate Governance Lab provides a specific set of tools that can be used in any type of corporate environment.


With the SDA Bocconi Corporate Governance Lab focus is placed on two activities. On the one hand it is broadly directed towards enterprises in all sectors: from listed companies to unlisted companies, from industrial companies to banks, from small to medium sized organizations to more structured ones.


On the other hand, and more specifically, it allows us to look to the future through two different channels:



  • it focuses on analyzing the challenges and future solutions for large listed companies in the financial and non-financial sectors
  • it helps identify the challenges faced by unlisted companies, enhancing their specificity, and at the same time, applying the lessons learned from the case studies of the listed companies



The value added offered by SDA Bocconi to participants of the Corporate Governance Lab is tied to its wealth of experience. Since its inception the School is, in fact, at the service of a variety of enterprises and organizations throughout the country, and acts based on a combination of solidity, knowledge and networks:


  • SOLIDITY: guaranteed by the induction program for banks, by the governance courses for unlisted companies and by national and international observers that were also developed in collaboration with the Università Bocconi
  • KNOWLEDGE: guaranteed by the Open Market courses, provided to field experts for over twenty years, enrolled in the SDA Bocconi MBA and Executive MBA programs, and in Borsa Italiana’s Progetto Elite
  • NETWORK: guaranteed by partnerships with prestigious enterprises and institutions in Italy and abroad