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Managing and communicating financial data

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Start date Nov 12, 2024
End date Nov 26, 2024
Duration 4,5 Days
Location Milan
Format Class
Language English
Price (+ VAT) € 5.000

Main Goal

Managers are constantly faced with financial data and concepts that they must not only understand and analyze, but also manage and communicate to others. Moreover, managers working for international companies or groups must gain a comprehensive knowledge of international accounting principles and have the ability to discuss them with the holding company or headquarters by using appropriate finance terms. Finance for Executives is specifically designed for managers working at international companies and willing to develop a greater understanding and awareness of the economic implications of their decisions when it comes to planning and defining objectives and evaluating performance.


The program is designed to provide a strong foundation in finance to executives who want to understand how to use actionable and practical tools to identify and effectively communicate the financial implications of their decisions. More specifically, by the end of this program, senior-level executives will be able to show the financial return and the impact of strategic initiatives on company value, also by analyzing risks and all the potential upsides and downsides of their decisions. Thanks to this knowledge, participants will be ready to promote a real and effective business partnership between Finance and other corporate functions in order to propel the growth of their company, subsidiary, or business unit - helping them to move forward in their careers.


The course has an additional focus on strategies for generating value and methods for assessing the value of a company, not just in terms of the economic/financial field but also in a broader sense that includes sustainability and the social/economic impact.

Who is it for

The Finance for senior executives course is for anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge in economic and finance disciplines.
The program is designed for CEOs, General Managers, Heads of Function in multinational companies or groups as well as General Managers of local subsidiaries.
To fully take advantage of the lessons and course opportunities, we recommend having at least 10 years of professional experience.

Program Counseling

To help you understand if the content of the Program matches your expectations, and to help you choose the best course considering your profile and objectives, you can contact a program advisor for an interview.

Please write to Olesea 

Structure & Topics Covered

The Finance for senior executives course has three complementary learning modules and takes place over 4.5 days.

1) Linking financial performance to strategic decisions

  • A set of key measures and key financial indicators to analyze and communicate financial performance
  • Competitive financial statements analysis: building a monitoring tool to understand the performance gap between the company and its main competitors

2) Planning and executing a sustainable growth strategy

  • A sustainable strategic plan: how to build it
  • The role of management control systems in multinational companies

3) Funding the company’s growth strategy

  • The relationship with financial markets: funding alternatives for your strategy
  • The value of a company/business: how to define it


Two follow-up webinars (of 2 hours each) top of the program.



The TUTORSHIP initiates an individual discussion to personalized support for the project you started in the classroom. The session with one of the course instructors can take place between modules or at the end of the program and lasts 9O minutes.

Company Visit
During the course, you will have the opportunity to participate in a GROUP VISIT TO A SUCCESSFUL COMPANY selected by the course instructor. You will get firsthand insight into the modus operandi and economic and financial practices that define them as one of the best examples on the national and international market today.

Networking aperitivo
The Networking aperitivo is an informal chance to get to know other people in the course.


Download the brochure to find out more about the expected learning outcomes, the learning model and the Faculty of the course.

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Why join us?

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Benefits for the participant

  • Increasing your understanding of how to analyze and communicate financial results
  • Improving your ability to plan financially sustainable strategic initiatives
  • Developing your ability to interact with financial institutions

Benefits for you company

  • Developing a common language to plan and analyze financial performance at your company
  • Fostering effective cooperation between Finance and other functions
  • Improving the ability of the management team to evaluate the financial implications of different courses of actions

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Certificate of participation

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Program Agenda


12 nov 2024


13-15 nov 2024



19 nov 2024


26 nov 2024

  • ONCAMPUS Module

  • ONLINE Module

Program Location

On-campus training will take place at:

SDA Bocconi School of Management: Via Sarfatti 10, 20136 Milan (Italy)


€ 5.000 (+VAT) fee includes educational materials and working lunches, but not VAT. A maximum number of participants is pre-determined. You can reserve and register online on the program’s web page.

Special Payment Terms

A 10% reduction on the program fees offered to applications sent in by the 15th of September 2023.

For further information and details on discounts, please refer to:

Early Bird

You can apply for the Program until the day before it is due to start. For organizational reasons, we encourage you to complete your registration process 10 days before the Program begins.

“Those who hold management roles and truly want to understand the needs of their company cannot avoid building a solid partnership with the Administration, Finance and Control function.”


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