Barbara Alemanni

Banking and Insurance


Latest publications

ALEMANNI B., Maggi M., Uberti P. Unleveraged Portfolios and Pure Allocation Return Journal of Risk and Financial Management, 2021, vol.14, no. 11, pp.1-11
VIALE R., FILOTTO U., ALEMANNI B., MOUSAVI S. (Eds.) Financial Education and Risk Literacy Edward Elgar Publishing, Great Britain, 2021
ALEMANNI B., MOUSAVI S. Cultural Finance: how is financial information received? in Financial Education and Risk Literacy R. Viale, U. Filotto, B. Alemanni, S. Mousavi (Eds),Edward Elgar Publishing, chap. 11, pp.181-196, 2021
ALEMANNI B. Finanza comportamentale - II ed. Egea, Milano, Italy, 2020
ALEMANNI B., Uberti P. What Are Investors Afraid of? Finding the Big Bad Wolf International Journal of Financial Studies, 2019, vol.7, no. 3, pp.42
ALEMANNI B. Fintech nudging: una spinta al benessere finanziario - Fintech Nudging: A Push toward Financial Well-being Economia & Management, 2019, no. 3, pp.78-83

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