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Knowing your own product, its sales potential, the market, and the target audience is just the first step. Every good sales person knows that the hardest part comes after that. You have to identify the “real” clients, know their needs and their preferences, communicate effectively, set up a profitable and lasting relationship with them. And do all of this knowing that you have to set yourself apart from your competitors, who are trying to do the same at the same time as you.


This program can help you do all of this in the best possible way, and to build a successful career in sales. Our objective is to help you scout sales opportunities and acquire new clients, paying close attention to sales practices on one hand, and to personal communication on the other. It is a unique chance to develop and strengthen the managerial and relational approach of sales function.


At the end of this program you’ll be able to:


  • Carry out an analysis of the customer's needs
  • Identify, select, and achieve business objectives
  • Profile customers: prospecting and lead generation
  • Recognize priorities and steer business actions
  • Communicate effectively in commercial relationships
  • Manage objections and interact constructively with the customer



This program is part of the professional certificate in Personal Selling.
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"Il suo obiettivo è aiutarti nello scouting delle opportunità commerciali e nell'acquisizione di nuovi clienti con un'attenzione particolare, da una parte, alla pratica commerciale e, dall'altra, alla comunicazione personale."


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Andrea Lanza

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