Doctorate in Business Administration

The content of the program

The content of the program will leverage the strengths of Bocconi in terms of quality and variety of offerings. This a preliminary sample of different courses offered in the SDA Bocconi DBA program in terms of sessions taught during the first two years of the program.


  • Strategic Management (Competitive And Corporate)
  • Organizational Behavior And Theory
  • Research Methods in the Social Sciences
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Writing And Publishing
  • Fundamentals of Economics
  • Fundamentals of Finance

Year 1

  • Management of Innovation
  • Marketing Science
  • Fundamentals of Public Policy
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Writing and Publishing
  • Frontier Topics (*)

*Frontier topics include sessions taught by leading scholars in their respective areas of expertise and will cover topics such as Family Business, Corporate Governance, Human Resources, Technology Management, Social Network Analysis, etc.

Year 2

  • Special thesis related topics (**)

** Special thesis related topics are optional (not required) courses offered in the PhD school at Bocconi University that interested candidates can choose from and audit during academic year 3 if their supervisor considers it beneficial for the development of their thesis work.

Year 3

The Program Timeline

6th Edition 2022 - 2025

Learning Model

Didactic Features

  • Small class size (20 participants) to promote discussion and critical thinking.
  • Large and competitively selected program faculty, leading to an unprecedented faculty-to-participant ratio.
  • Interactive, doctoral level sessions.
  • Intensive group work.


Didactic Tools

  • Face-to-face coaching and tutoring throughout the program.
  • Experiential learning modules.
  • Participants will benefit from the interactive Learning Lab at SDA Bocconi, which is a distance learning environment used for lectures and interactions with thesis supervisor.


Other benefits


"DBA is a unique program because it brings together experienced executives who are interested in research as much as they are interested in practice. The group is very diverse with individuals at different positions, from different countries, but the common thread is the drive and motivation. For many of them, the DBA at SDA Bocconi is not only a means to take their career to the next level and gain recognition, but also a way to think more profoundly about grand challenges that are important to corporations and the society as a whole. There is cross-fertilization in the cohort. They also meet like-minded individuals from different parts of the world, whom they may not meet otherwise.

Dovev Lavie
Full Professor, Management & Technology Dept., Bocconi University

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