Why should you come to SDA Bocconi for a DBA?

Doctorate in Business Administration


The SDA Bocconi Doctoral Program in Business Administration, DBA, is a 3 year part-time program aimed at executive and business leaders interested in acquiring a greater degree of specialization in management that is not offered in general management programs such as Executive MBAs and Global Executive MBAs. Whether it is for a personal interest in furthering your expertise in a given functional area, to launch your career as a professor of practice, or part of your life-long learning challenge, the SDA Bocconi DBA will help you develop a deeper understanding of how to apply rigorous academic research to concrete managerial problems.

The key asset of our program is our world-class faculty consisting of internationally recognized scholars involved in shaping the evolution of academic and managerial thinking. The faculty members teaching in the SDA Bocconi DBA program routinely publish in the most prestigious international research journals, sit on the editorial boards of these journals, and have or have had senior editorial positions in these journals. In addition, our faculty members also have a substantive understanding of business and managerial practices in different fields derived from years of “hands-on” experience supporting and consulting for Italian and international global businesses.

The outstanding academic credentials of our faculty will provide a solid basis for development of research skills of professionals interested in making a difference in their field. The part-time nature of the program will help facilitate the pursuit of the degree while taking into account the time demands and professional engagements of participants. The program is structured in a 3 year format. Upon enrollment, and after a careful evaluation of individuals’ research interests, each participant will be assigned an advisor whose job is to help and guide the candidate toward successful completion of the program.