Gianmario Verona

Marketing and Sales


Pubblicazioni recenti

CILLO P., VERONA G. The strategic organization of innovation: State of the art and emerging challenges Strategic Organization, 2022, pp.147612702211191
Zanella P., CILLO P., VERONA G. Whatever you want, whatever you like: How incumbents respond to changes in market information regimes Strategic Management Journal, 2022, vol.43, no. 7, pp.1258-1286
CASTALDO S., BERTOLI G., CILLO P., TROILO G., VERONA G. (a cura di) Innovazione e Management. Omaggio a Salvio Vicari Egea, Milano, Italia, 2022
Cozzolino A., VERONA G. Responding to Complementary-Asset Discontinuities: A Multilevel Adaptation Framework of Resources, Demand, and Ecosystems Organization Science, 2022
CILLO P., Priem R. L., VERONA G., Zanella P. Consumer-CEO interaction as catalyst for business model innovation in established firms Journal of Business Research, 2021, vol.131, pp.241-253
Stadler C., Helfat C. E., VERONA G. Transferring Knowledge by Transferring Individuals: Innovative Technology Use and Organizational Performance in Multiunit Firms Organization Science, 2021, vol.33, no. 1, pp.253-274

Grants & Premi

Excellence in Research Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2022
Best SMS special conference presentation award “Explaining the Emergence of Dominant Designs: Innovation Shocks as Demand-driven Catastrophes” St Gallen - Strategic Management Society , 2015
Best Teaching Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2013
Honorable mention “Best paper” Atlanta conference, Strategic Management Society (“From paper to clouds: Shift in Value Creation: Competence-Destroying Discontinuity on Complementary Assets” with A.Cozzolino) - Strategic Management Society , 2013
Runner-up Carolyn Dexter Award for Best International Paper, Academy of Management Conference, for the paper Exploring and reconfiguring a firm’s competence base: a process model of strategic renewal (co-author A. Lipparini, G. Verona) - Academy Of Management Journal , 2012
Award for “Outstanding Service” Competitive Strategy Division - Strategic Management Society , 2010
Best Executive Teaching Award - SDA Bocconi School of Management , 2010
Best Teaching Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2010
Best Business Case (Innovation at Play: The case of Gourmet Cuisine with G.Di Stefano) - SDA Bocconi School of Management , 2008
Runner up “Best Paper”, (“Collaborating to Create The Internet as a Platform for Product Development” with E.Prandelli and M.Sawhney) - Journal of Interactive Marketing , 2006
“Best Paper” (“Unbundling Dynamic Capabilities: An Exploratory study of Continuous Product Innovation”, Industrial and Corporate Change, (3) 2003 with D.Ravasi). - SDA Bocconi School of Management , 2004

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