Tech with Her

Increasing the Contribution of Women to the Digital Economy

"Tech with Her" is a joint initiative promoted by SDA Bocconi and Huawei. Dedicated to women of all ages, including students and professionals working in small and medium sized enterprises or public administrations, the project aims to reduce gender gap in the world of technology and digital economy in general, with a series of completely free training sessions.

Target and Objectives

"Tech with Her" is aimed at young students and professionals from SMEs and public administrations to strengthen digital awareness and provide the skills necessary to actively contribute to it.

Technologies are part of our everyday life, but understanding their scope to innovate, create professional opportunities and solve social problems requires people who have a digital culture. This initiative is aimed at women who can make a difference in the digital context.



First Initiative | Digital Awareness | (IN ENGLISH)

The first initiative focusing on "Digital Awareness" is dedicated to High School and University students, particularly targeting young women. The main objective of the program is to provide a background of knowledge to foster a digital culture among the younger population.



2 Day Program


  • Global macro trends and links with digital trends (demography, climate change, megacities, space economy, ethical and regulatory trends, sharing economy)
  • Understanding technologies and their impact on individuals, firms, institutions and society
  • Digital technologies, skills and job opportunities
  • Cybersecurity at a glance

The first training initiative took place in March 2022 and involved about 150 girls, including students from the last year in high school and the first in university, in 8 training sessions which had the main objective of providing them with a first set of knowledge in the field of digital culture.


Second Initiative | Digital Transformation: Opportunities and Challenges

This second initiative is dedicated to working women across ages coming from small and medium sized firms,  designed to drive participants from an awareness “state” towards “post-digital mindset”. In particular, the main objectives areto enhance understanding of innovation and the digital implications on organizations and to augment individual responsibility towards the impact of digital in everyday contexts.

2 Day Program


  • The glossary of digital evolution
  • Position yourself on the digital evolution matrix: are you a mole, a rhino, an owl or an eagle?
  • Global macro trends and links with digital trends (demography, climate change, megacities, space economy, ethical and regulatory trends, sharing economy)
  • The map of digital power: main players and companies to keep under control
  • Building the digital vision: Vision Shaping
  • Cybersecurity in the digital age
  • Trends and frameworks to assess risks and opportunities

Third Initiative | Digital Government Transformation | (IN ITALIAN)

The third initiative “Digital Government Transformation” is dedicated to women working with or for public administrations. It provides a background of the trends and tools necessary to foster digital innovation in light of the existing challenges and to enable participants to understand how to identify and manage the resulting risks from the use of digital technologies.

Need assessment for digital government: understanding the external and internal contexts.


  • Understanding how technologies impact individuals, firms and institutions
  • Managing the complex digital transformation project in the public sector environment
  • Cybersecurity as a public good


Greta Nasi

Associate Professor at the Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management,

Bocconi University


Director of Research for Government and Director of the Executive Master in Management of International Organizations

SDA Bocconi 

Program Director
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Nico Abbatemarco

Junior Lecturer of Digital Transformation

SDA Bocconi 

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Hans Christian Brechbuhl

Associate Professor of Practice of Digital Transformation

SDA Bocconi

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Lorenzo Diaferia

Junior Lecturer of Digital Transformation

SDA Bocconi

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Marlene Jugl
Assistant Professor of Public Management

SDA Bocconi

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Myriam Mariani

Full Professor of Welfare and Social Innovation

SDA Bocconi

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Omiros Papaspiliopoulos

Full Professor of Mathematics and Statistics


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Gianluca Salviotti

Associate Professor of Practice of Digital Transformation

SDA Bocconi

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Via Sarfatti 10, 20136 Milan. 

Program Agenda

March - October 2022

Program Director

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