Lorenzo Diaferia

Information Systems


Latest publications

ARMENI P., POLAT I., DE ROSSI L., DIAFERIA L., MEREGALLI S., GATTI A. Digital Twins in Healthcare: Is It the Beginning of a New Era of Evidence-Based Medicine? A Critical Review Journal of Personalized Medicine, 2022, vol.12, no. 8, pp.1255
CENNAMO C., DIAFERIA L., GAUR A., SALVIOTTI G. Assessing Incumbents’ Risk of Digital Platform Disruption MIS Quarterly Executive, 2022, vol.2, no. 1, pp.7
DIAFERIA L. Competences and capabilities for digital value creation in The Post-Digital Enterprise: Going Beyond the Hype G. Castelli, S. Meregalli, F. Pennarola(Ed), Springer International Publishing, chap. 4, pp.55-70, 2022
DIAFERIA L., SALVIOTTI G. Intelligenza artificiale cosa c’è dietro Economia & Management, 2021, no. 2, pp.8-12
FILOTTO U., DE ROSSI L., DIAFERIA L., SCIMONE X. Open banking: la direttiva c’è i consumatori forse sì Economia & Management, 2021, no. 3, pp.70-75
MEREGALLI S., DIAFERIA L., DE ROSSI L. Come valorizzare i dati nell’era post-digital - How to Draw Value from Data in the Post-Digital Era Economia & Management, 2020, no. 2, pp.60-65

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