The MIHMEP Ambassadors and Senators

Students and Alumni are the best testimonials of how MIHMEP helps to leverage participants' attitudes and knowledge fitting job market needs. Thanks to their experience and current professional positions, they complement the guidance given by MIHMEP Director and Team and help prospective candidates finalize their decision. We encourage you to take the opportunity to connect with one of our senators or student ambassadors, to find out more about their experience.

The MIHMEP Senators

MIHMEP Senators are alumni that volunteer to act as advisors for prospects. They represent all "souls" of the MIHMEP, as they work in the medical and technology industry, health providers, consultancy, academia, policy-making international institutions, and some are even entrepreneurs in the health sector. They can be contacted by e-mail, and prospects that turn into MIHMEP participants will have the opportunity to meet again the Senators, in class or by webinar, as they will be engaged in delivering seminars for the program.

Contact MIHMEP Senators

The MIHMEP Ambassadors

MIHMEP Ambassadors are participants currently attending class that are available to speak with prospects. If you plan to apply for MIHMEP, please feel free to contact them directly: they will be happy to answer your questions and provide advice on your MIHMEP decision, sharing their feedbacks from the “shopfloor” of the master, clarifying any doubts, or simply having a chat with you.

Mohamed Akrout - Italian / Tunisian
MIHMEP 2016, Specializing in Global Health and Development

After graduating in Physiotherapy at the Insubria University of Varese in 2013, I moved to Melbourne in Australia where beside my work as home therapist I worked as assistant in a pharmacy for almost two years, widening my prospective of patient’s care. Gaining a diversified experience in the field, my eagerness to change people’s lives for the better and to play an active role in the healthcare industry has increasingly grown, leading me to pursue the Masters in International Healthcare Management, Economic and Policy, MIHMEP, at SDA Bocconi, because of its interesting academic specializations and principal investigator in the field of global management in Europe and in the world.

Elvira Buijs - Dutch
MIHMEP 2016, Specialilzing in Health Care Management

I am a medical doctor from the Netherlands. After obtaining my MD degree from Radboud University Nijmegen, I gained clinical work and research experience at the University of California Davis Medical Center. Here I trained in the wards and operating rooms of the department of Otolaryngology. The experience working in hospitals in the Netherlands, Portugal and the United States gave me valuable insight into differences between various health care systems and the particular challenges. I chose MIHMEP to expand my abilities as a health care professional with managerial and organizational competences.

Jovita Brantley - US
MIHMEP 2016, Specialilzing in Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology

I am a clinical research professional with over 10 years experience in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry.  I have served as a study coordinator at Northwestern University in the Cancer Center, a Clinical Research Associate for global CROs, and most recently as President/Founder of Clinical Resource Advantage, Inc., a consulting company providing monitoring/training services to the industry.