Dear all,


Why the MAMA? Because you love arts and you think we need managers to innovate and develop them. Because it is time to get rid of the eternal dualism between curatorship and management, we need competent managers with passion and interest for the artistic field they work in, respecting roles and differences, and contributing to the development of the field.

Based on this, you will agree that the MAMA, the Master of Arts Management and Administration offered by SDA Bocconi School of Management, gives you the chance to realize these ambitions.

By choosing the MAMA you will have the opportunity to experience one year of intense management training in a class consisting of high-caliber candidates from all over the world, who share similar beliefs and goals. Moreover, by choosing SDA Bocconi not only will you be studying at one of Europe’s leading schools of management, but you will also be based in a city that is a thriving center for both business and the creative arts.

During the Master you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and broaden your skills thanks to the expertise of our MAMA core faculty members, who have years of experience in arts management, policy research, and education at Bocconi University.

You will get to meet a great network of professionals and top-tier managers from leading arts institutions across Italy and Europe. They will share their insights on the main issues and managerial problems they face, while asking you to contribute to solving them in field projects during the MAMA. All our partners are committed to supporting the improvement of your skills by opening their doors for visits and disclosing the secrets of their success during concentration courses. During the MAMA study tour you will also have the opportunity to witness first-hand Italy’s excellence in the arts through a number of visits and talks with managers and professionals at exclusive locations.


All MAMA staff and faculty, myself included, are here to support your career development in the arts field. That is why, at the end of the program, you will have the chance to spend three months working for an arts organization or receiving support to launch your own start-up. Finally, being part of the MAMA international arts management community as an SDA Bocconi alumna or alumnus will allow you to discover new opportunities in this field and be constantly kept up to date with the latest news.

I am confident that, as a MAMA student, you will value and enjoy this unique experience combining Italian excellence in artistic production and the “art of managing the arts”, while attending one of Europe’s leading schools of management.


Yours faithfully,


Andrea Rurale | MAMA Director